How to download

How to download your digital products

Each time your buy a digital product from heroic Sport, you have the possibility to download and save it either on the Heroic Sport checkout page, or from the notification email that follows your order. Remember to check your spam filter!

Download limits are set to 5, in case you misplace the file or want to save it to a few of your devices. The download links will expire after 3 days, so we recommend you download your products straight away! Digital products are non refundable.

Ebook and text files are sent as PDF files. To view files, a PDF reader is required.
Videos are sent  as ZIP files.  HERE is a guide to open ZIP files for PC, Mac, iPhone & Android.

Downloading to a smart phone requires extra steps which you can read below.

Slow internet connection

Downloading files can take a little time, depending on your connection. Change power saving settings to make sure your device will NOT go into “STAND BY” mode, as it will interrupt the transfer!

If you’re still having troubles after reading this how to guide, contact us and describe what steps you have managed and what the problem is.

We recommend VLC as the best video player, as it can open just about any type of files. You can download it HERE.

4 steps to download to your PC

  1. Once you have added a product in the cart, and are done shopping, click on the cart and go to checkout.
  2. Enter your details and payment method, agree to the terms, and click the button to place your order.
  3. Directly at checkout, you can now download your product(s)!. Click the button and your download will start. Observe which folder you are downloading to!
  4. You may also download your products on the confirmation email you will receive from us (make sure to enter a valid email!)
download your products at checkout
Save the notification email with the links to your download

Download to your iPhone, iPad or Android

You will need an app to open the ZIP files. The free versions of apps like iZip for Apple, and Winzip for Android do the job.

Select a folder to download your product or might not find it later! 
We recommend to install the app first and download the product directly into the Unzip app folder.