Pahlavandle Indian clubs handles

Pain free shoulders, throw further, hit harder

 The continued success of our invention of the Pahlavandle™ being used as an easy, adjustable way to start with Indian clubs is overwhelming.

Our Pahlavandle™ can now be found on eBay in the hands of our distributors.

We are focusing on making people feel and perform better by giving free access to training videos on our YouTube channel.

Pahlavandle original Indian clubs handles

Pahlavandle Indian clubs handles | Our modern take on an ancient training form

Indian clubs go back to ancient times, where Persian, Tamil and Indian warriors used them to get battle ready. Today, everyone can benefit from swinging them!

The Pahlavandle™ is Heroic Sport’s own invention, designed and created in Denmark in 2017 . The handles fit all carbonated drink bottles made of plastic around the world, giving you a whole range of Indian clubs up to 3 kg.
You will strengthen and stretch your shoulders in full range of motion, counter the effects of sitting all day and more!

The Pahlavandle™ is easily the most innovative and affordable solution on the market to improve your shoulder health and general well being

How does the Pahlavandle work?

Connect the correct type of plastic bottle to each handle, park the bottle cap on the end of the handle, and you’re good to go!

Make sure to drink the carbonated drink first and replace the content with tap water or rice when starting off. You do not even have to fill the bottle completely. This feature allow you to find the perfect starting weight that feels right for you.

As you progress, fill the bottles with gravel or sand.

Move better, feel better

The multi-joint club exercises performed with Indian clubs not only strengthen the body, but improve range of motion of the shoulder girdle and spine. The gentle spirals and circular swings done in multiple planes of motion provide traction. Traction improves joint lubrication to help relieve joint pain, and stretches tendons and fascia.

Like loaded mobility, Indian clubs provide a combination of  both stretching and muscle activation, making it  intuitive and effective, while feeling good!

Connecting mind and body

The cross body patterns of club swinging have significant impact on cognitive functions, helping reconnect damaged nerve pathways and build new ones. Overall, club swinging will help you develop better coordination, balance, kinesthetic awareness and experience the state of flow.

You can go from simple exercises to complex ones, challenging full brain and body integration. There is something for all levels!