Pahlavandle™ Original: Indian clubs handles

Easily the most innovative and affordable solution on the market to get you started on your club swinging journey!

Fits all plastic soft drink and sparkling water bottles to create instant and adjustable Indian clubs. Change size, go light or heavy, stack handles…

Move better, feel better!

Pahlavandle original Indian clubs handles
Pahlavandle Adjustable Heavy Indian clubs

Adjustable heavy clubs

Known in India as Mudgar, Gada or Karlakattai, heavy club swinging is a full body workout in itself or can complement other training forms.
It will challenge your body in multiple planes of movements, and improve your strength, fitness and agility.

You can train single or double handed.  Start light and easily increase weight as you become stronger.

Are you ready to learn how to train with Indian clubs?

Download the programs to your device at checkout, and start training straight away!

  • Exercises with 2 light Indian clubs
  • Single Indian club exercises for beginners or experienced
  • Mixed programs with Indian clubs, bodyweight exercises and/ or kettlebells
  • HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts)
Indian clubs education with single heavy club or double light Indian clubs

Who trains with clubs from heroic sport?