Our story

Indian clubs by Heroic Sport

Heroic Sport is the brain child of 2 guys living in southern Denmark who have experienced the physical and mental benefits of training with Indian clubs first hand.

In 2017, after years of developing the concept, gathering knowledge, experience and many trials, Ron and Thierry decided to go live and present an innovative solution for everyone to get started with Indian clubs, and learn how to use them.
The Pahlavandle was born, and it changed lives for the better!

Heroic Sport suddenly made the ancient art of club swinging affordable and accessible to personal trainers, office people, elite athletes, kids and even Parkinson’s patients!

Anywhere around the world

From the start we had the clear intention to upcycle / re-use easily available and highly problematic items: soda pop or sparkling water plastic bottles.

The thread of the Pahlavandle fits the universal design of these bottles, making it so easy to suddenly have a whole range of Indian clubs of different sizes and weights, with only one set of our Pahlavandle Indian clubs handles.

But as you will see, we did not stop at that… We expended the Pahlavandle range with 2 unique and adjustable big clubs, the Pahlavandle TG and Pahlavandle Gama.

Who are we?

Ron Bader is the master craftsman who is always thinking out of the box to improve on ideas and products. Ron turns all our wooden Indian clubs by hand, right here in Denmark, from raw materials.

Thierry Sanchez is the physical trainer behind the tutorials, programs and instructor courses, making complex things easy to learn and pass on to others. Thierry teaches you how to use Indian clubs, step by step, for all levels.

My name is Ron Bader, co-owner and founder of Heroic Sport.
I am an inventor, with a strong interest in alternative building construction and sustainability.

In 2009, I  fell down from a scaffolding.
Broken back, hyper extended neck, multiple skull fractures, coma, brain damage and a long and painful recovery… The loss of muscle mass together along with the list of injuries and pain made it almost impossible to sleep. 

I needed a training program that would effectively bring me back to my former self, something that would activate both my brain and build muscle. 

After meeting Thierry Sanchez in 2013, I started making, testing and developing Indian clubs. 
I have since become a true believer of this discipline, and feel now it’s time for everyone to try it too.

Heroic Sport, an approach based on 2500 years old training techniques, has turned my life around! 

My name is Thierry Sanchez, and I graduated with a strength training diploma with DIF, the National Olympic Committee and Sports Confederation of Denmark in 2009.
Around the same time, I started my journey with less conventional and more ancient training methods such as kettlebells and Indian clubs.

In 2010, I represented Denmark at the IGSF kettlebell world championships and won both a gold in Jerk and silver medal in Snatch. I have coached many athletes at the national and international level since then.

I went on to establish the Danish Kettlebell Sport organization in 2012, and also was vice president for the International Kettlebell Marathon Federation until 2016.

Practicing complex skills is something that has always appealed to me, and I love the meditative effect of my practice with Indian clubs.

I have dedicated a lot of my time to reading, applying, experimenting and teaching people how to swing Indian clubs.

The information in our video tutorials is based on my many years of teaching experience. I have taught workshops and group training classes since 2010, working with everyday people, kids and athletes at my local club, team building events, fitness centers and schools.

I truly believe that so many people can benefit from this ancient and nearly forgotten art. This is the reason why I decided to be part of Heroic Sport. 

We do not just sell fitness products on a webshop

As mentioned above, we just about make everything ourselves locally.
Before we launched our online tutorials to teach Indian clubs worldwide, we have taught countless hours in fitness clubs and around our community, helping people move better and feel better.

It’s important to us to spread a positive message at all levels. Therefore, when we added wooden Indian clubs to our range of products, we wanted to keep a sustainable mindset.

We source and use recycled, reclaimed or sustainable materials in the production of our Indian clubs, and have developed unique techniques to minimize wood waste too.

Our  clubs are handmade in Denmark and sustainable

The bulk of our wooden products is made from fast growing bamboo, “the miracle hardwood”. We utilize bamboo for its beautiful grain patterns and amazing stability.

Some of our products use mahogany that is rejected from the furniture industry, for the sole reason it doesn’t have the “accepted” wood grain customers expect… Crazy, right?

The core of our  Pahlavandle TG is made from reclaimed plastic.

We finish our clubs with high quality Danish oil as it provides a better grip and a more natural feel in the hands.

With our Indian clubs, you get an a fantastic looking piece of equipment instead of a bland generic piece of wood without history. On your side, YOU help us do the right thing at the same time.