Which video should I get?

A quick guide to help you chose your first Indian clubs video download

If you are new to Indian clubs, you are probably in doubt as to which video will be best for you to learn how to use them  safely and properly.  

Thierry, our physical trainer, has been teaching people about Indian clubs and how to use them since 2010.
He personally designs all the content of our video downloads based on the experience he has gathered through teaching people from all ages and walks of life, at fitness classes, workshops, instructor courses and team building events.

Our Pahlavandle starter kit is the most comprehensive  introduction to Indian clubs on the market with 2 hours of video material. You’ll get to learn about the 2 styles of club swinging, the traditional single club “closed style” and the British double clubs “open style” exercises.

Our “GET STARTED VIDEOS” page is your best option to find the relevant downloads.
All the videos in that section are designed with the new beginner in mind, using a step by step approach that is easy to follow on your own, at home or wherever you chose to train.
You are also guaranteed to learn something new in our videos, even if you have swung clubs for some time or attended a workshop.

We have lots of videos for you to choose from, depending on what specific interest you may have.

  • If you already do some kind of weight training (ex: barbells, kettlebells), the “Hanuman workout” or “Persian meels 101” would be a great fit for you. These 2 video downloads also include great workouts.
  • If you are more interested in the traditional British style of swinging 2 light clubs to increase mobility, mental focus and coordination, the tutorials in our “Club swinging 101 and 102” would be the best choice. 
  • If you want to use Indian clubs to assist your sport practice, we have a “Club swinging for racket sports” and “Club swinging for board sports”. Both offer a wide variety of exercises tutorials and short programs you can do with light clubs.
Here are 2 free videos that display what you can expect of club swinging.

If you are still in doubt, please contact us for advice 😊