Online classes

Indian clubs academy | Join an online class with one of our certified instructors!

Some of our instructors provide online classes, making this Indian clubs academy a possibility, and good alternative to going to a gym.

Make sure that your online class expectations match the offer from the provider.  If in doubt, or you have questions, please click the links to contact them directly.


By booking a class with one of the instructors listed above, you train at your own risk, and agree to section 13 of our terms and conditions

Heroic Sport receives no monetary compensation from any of these online classes, and we provide this instructor listing as a free service.
Certified instructors have passed written and physical requirements that we have set according to our own experience of running club swinging fitness classes, however they are free to run classes as they deem fit.

If in doubt, please contact the instructor before your first online class, and get the necessary clearance from your physician.