As ambassadors for Heroic Sport, you get special opportunities to grow your own business and reward your clients with unique discounts at the same time.

All you need is to be self employed, and willing to learn our system and promote club swinging!

To get started, send a mail to TS(at) Enclose your background, website / blog url, and social media profiles.

Let us know why you want to become an ambassador, where you are based, and we’ll take it from there!


The Pahlavandle™ was created by Ron out of need, after Thierry got him started on his recovery journey with Indian clubs. We have a true story, are passionate about what we do, and have innovative and affordable products that make it easy for anyone to get started with Indian clubs.

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Best swingin’ regards from Thierry & Ron 


Ajax, Ontario | Mark Robson | mark(at) | Heroic Sport instructor, Agatsu Kettlebell Instructor, Steel Mace Flow Instructor

Bordeaux | Alexa & Hugo Reigt | alexareigt(at) | Heroic Sport instructor

Lille | Valerie Favier / FD studio sport | | Loaded movement specialist, Kettlebell sport conditioning master trainer, Lebert system master trainer, Heroic Sport instructor (pending)

Neunkirchen am Brand | Harry Huettmann | harry.huettmann(at) | Personal Trainer, Yoga teacher, DLZ running therapist, Heroic Sport instructor (pending)

Athens | Spartan Mind Strength | ask.tim.and.vie(at) | Yoga teacher

Dublin | Dave Hedges | dave(at) | IKFF Master Trainer for Ireland, Martial arts coach

Bologna | Pietro Spongano | pietro.spongano(at) |  Tacfit instructor

Rome | Hamid Habibzadeh | hhamid40(at)\ info(at) | Zoorkhaneh, Degree in physical education, Sport climbing coach

Jarratt Raj | blackcatmovement(at) | Crossfit lv2, Eleiko strength coach, Steel mace flow trainer

Aviles | Juan Carlos Leidero | mirandoelbloke(at) | Yoga, Pilates, kettlebells teacher

Alcoy| Fran Perez, Hybrid Athletics Training | fran.umyang(at) | PE Teacher. SFG1, KBLA Level 1,  Heroic Sport Instructor,  aekwondo (WT) 4th degree Black Belt.

Antequera | Pablo Ramos Artacho | ramosartacho(at) | IKFF Level 2, Heroic Sport instructor (pending)

High Wycombe | Hannah Camden | han.camdenpt(at) | Heroic Sport instructor, Personal trainer

Liverpool | Keith Farrell | contact(at) | International HEMA coach

Newcastle Upon Tyne | Chris Hedley | chris(at) | Personal trainer, Steel mace instructor, Kettlebell instructor

Columbus, Ohio | Michelle Tirey | murlyn23(at) |  Crossfit trainer
Fort Worth, Texas | Monica Boldt | boldfittechnique(at) | Art of Functional movement, StrongFirst Kettlebell instructor, Mobility stick, Personal trainer, Heroic Sport instructor (pending)
Mt Yonah, Georgia |  |Spartan Mind Strength | ask.tim.and.vie(at) | Yoga teacher
New York | Matthew Flaherty | Matthew(at) | StrongFirst Kettlebell instructor, Flexible Steel Indian clubs instructor, Heroic Sport instructor
Orlando, Florida | New Dimensions Wellness | Justin(at) | Physical trainers and personal trainers
Southport, Connecticut | Kelly Manzone | kelly(at) | Personal trainer, Indian clubs instructor, kettlebell instructor, Heroic Sport instructor (pending)
St Petersburg, Florida |  |Spartan Mind Strength | ask.tim.and.vie(at) | Yoga teacher

Moscow | Aleksandr Kirpichev | yarhara(at) | Gravity Fitness instructor, Kettlebell instructor, Tao practice instructor, Heroic Sport instructor (pending)