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At the beginning of July 2019, we had  a guest coming to our Heroic Sport retreat. The whole thing took a left and turned out into a wild and creative weekend of brainstorming, leaving us full of excitement and open to new possibilities we never considered.

It’s fantastic to get input from people out there who can look at our Pahlavandle and our teaching methods in a totally new way, and bring their own passion and expertise to make it into something bigger. We are grateful for the way things are moving.

We can’t reveal it all, but you will get some insight by watching the videos below!

I personally enjoyed talking to Ngub so much, I decided to do an interview so that everyone could benefit from his journey and wisdom.

We also converted the video into an mp3, so that you can download and listen to it at your convenience. 

Here are some of the points we went through:

  • What attracted you to Indian clubs in the first place?
  • Steel clubs vs Pahlavandle
  • What made you decide Heroic Sport was the right match for you?
  • How did you come up combining what you do professionally with Indian clubs?
  • What is kinesiology and how can it help us?
  • How can we bring more balance in our lives?
  • What’s the biggest hurdle for people maintaining a physical activity program?
  • What’s the difference between looking ahead, turning the head or following the movement with the eyes?

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60% of office workers complain of neck and shoulder pain… A short movement break is what the doctor should order!

One of the reasons for these complaints is that we sit in the same position for hours on end, and neglect to move our body into positions out of the ordinary. 

But I go to the gym…

It doesn’t help to go to the gym after work either, most often you end up reinforcing your bad postural habits by targeting the mirror muscles! The same culprits involved in poor posture, and nagging pains.
And would wants to sit on a machine in a crowded place with neon lights and playing bad music anyways?

What you need to do is to straighten up, and move your joints in full range of motion, and though different planes of motion.

Better well being in 2 simple moves

We have 2 short videos of very simple Indian clubs exercises you can do right now!

The figure 8 helps loosen up the spine from the hips to the neck, and the large circles also take the shoulders into their full range of motion.

Another complaint from office people is wrist and elbow pain. The root cause is the same. Too little and too restricted movement!

Body and Mind

Another benefit of using Indian clubs at work, is the mental boost that comes from doing cross crawl patterns. This works just as well as a cup of coffee, hence our short Coffee Breaks videos!

We all benefit from complex movements and repetitive patterns.
The repetitive motions activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which turns off the “fight or flight” response. Club swinging is soothing for the brain, as it helps decrease stress levels while increasing mental clarity and facilitating learning in general. We call it often meditation in motion or tai chi with weights.

Wouldn’t it be nice to go home feeling energetic and limber rather than tight and drained?

Indian clubs at the workplace

The people at VODA energy know this and took steps to ensure the well being of their employees, by placing Pahlavandle™ around their office!

With our video downloads, you can learn the basics relatively fast! Or we can come to your workplace. Contact us here!

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