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Take our heavy club challenge! You are guaranteed to improve strength and mobility, and your club swinging skills as mentioned by our previous participants.

It’s important to stay active through this period of the year, where we all feel the effect of shorter days and comfort foods.

From experience, you know is always easier to stay in low gear than having to start from scratch after a few weeks of inactivity. We’re here to provide a little inspiration and motivation!


This article is the perfect starting point for beginners who wish to get a fantastic heavy club workout. If you have experience, review the tutorials and go straight to the workouts!

We are going to perform double handed exercises, but eventually you’ll be able to progress to single hand.


In this post we are going to compare, and help you how to choose between heavy Indian clubs and light Indian clubs. You will learn also what they are best suited for.

With so many types and so many styles of club swinging out there, it can be hard to figure out what to start with. Read on to make an informed decision before you buy anything, and check out the side by side comparison table at the bottom of the post!

Let’s keep it simple!

At Heroic Sport, we differentiate between 2 styles of Indian club swinging: open style and closed style.
Open style is what most Westerners would associate Indian clubs with: light clubs swung in the British tradition, and fancy looking choreographies.