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What do you picture when I mention heavy Indian club exercises?
Probably a scene where swinging 2 large meels or joris are performed?
While it is common within the steel club community to train with a single club, many wooden Indian club practitioners dismiss this as non-authentic or non traditional. Let’s see if this holds any water… Spoiler, it doesn’t.

In this article I give you 3 reasons why you should include single heavy Indian club exercises in your training.


An adjustable heavy club was the logical follow up to the original Pahlavandle.  

Buying heavy Indian clubs has always been a logistics challenge…

Shipping heavy clubs rapidly becomes expensive. In some cases, manufacturers restrict shipping only to the country of manufacture.

We offer different models of adjustable heavy club that weigh around 2kg.That’s huge savings on shipping!

You decide how heavy you want them when you receive them, and progress to heavier loads as you become more skilled and stronger. No longer do you need a whole rack of heavy clubs.