Wooden Indian clubs | Advanced club swinging kit

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Save over 65€ with this great value Indian clubs kit!

You get 1 pair of each of our classy and vintage looking Indian clubs:

  • Teardrops
  • New York style, medium
  • New York style, large

AND our Club swinging 104 video tutorials for FREE to help you learn new complex skills.


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Wooden Indian clubs for sale

With this kit, we offer you wooden Indian clubs for sale that are not only beautiful but were developed over years of swinging and teaching other people how to swing. We are passionate about what we do, and if you have not done so yet, we encourage you to read our story.

3 sizes of wooden Indian clubs for sale

With those 3 club sizes, you will be able to practice different patterns and styles of club swinging. When it comes purely to British style club swinging, this kit has the only 3 sizes you’ll ever need.


Length: 49 cm | Weight: c. 0,7 kg per club | Handle diameter: 3,2 cm

The size and weight of those clubs are perfect for beginners who want a light wooden club. It’s also a fantastic club for people wanting to perform very complex and advanced patterns, such as snakes and wrist circles.

New York style, medium

Length: 54 cm | Weight: c. 1,2 kg per club | Handle diameter: 3,2 cm

1kg to 1,2kg is the regular size or recommended starting weight for men, in many of the classical old books about Indian clubs from the 1800’s.
Their length make them perfect for open style/ British style club swinging and complex figures for most people. This is a truly an all around club, from beginner to advanced levels.

New York style, large

Length: 63 cm | Weight: c. 2,3 kg per club | Handle diameter: 3,2 cm

The length, size and balance make those clubs a great substitute for closed style club swinging, and a substitute for Persian meels or Indian mudgars.
This club size is recommended for the advanced practitioner. You may want to use this club for single club exercises to develop strength to swing them in the classical British open style.

Made by hand with a sustainable mindset

We make those clubs by hand, from start to finish, in Denmark.

Ron has been turning all of our clubs since 2013, in his workshop, right here in Southern Denmark. Thierry has contributed to the development of the shape, weight, dimension, overall design and testing of all of our Indian clubs.

Our vintage looking wooden Indian clubs are always 2 tones.
Bamboo is known as “the miracle hardwood” at 700kg/m3. It has beautiful grain patterns for esthetics and its density and stability maximizes uniformity and minimalizes cracking.
We reclaim rejected mahogany destined for the burn pile or landfill for our handles, taking advantage of its straighter grain and tight stable structure at 650kg/m3.
This takes nothing away from the beauty, durability or strength of our wooden Indian clubs for sale.

Using reclaimed and sustainable methods is not by any means a cheap way to produce clubs, we just feel it is the responsible way. After all it is in Heroic Sports DNA.
The way we make our clubs saves on average 40% of material when compared to conventional wood turning techniques used by other manufacturers!

With our clubs, you can train with a clear conscience, helping to minimize environmental impact. Pretty cool, no?

Finishing touches

Our wooden Indian clubs are finished with natural Danish oil for the best non slippery feel possible. We recommend you apply a thin coat of oil when you feel the need for it.

The handles are slightly thicker than most Indian clubs found on the market, to provide a lovely, solid and well-balanced feel in the hand.

Our logo is laser engraved on the barrel of laminated Bamboo. The extra work makes the difference!

3 essential safety tips

  • Inspect your equipment before you train.
  • Always take a 360 degree space check around you before you start your workout, as clubs can hit things or fly out of your grip.
  • Train within your capacities, listen to your body, and use common sense.

Additional information

Weight10.20 kg
Dimensions74 × 46 × 13 cm


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