Shena push up board

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The Shena board provides a stable and centered platform for doing a wide variety of fluid, rhythmic and circular push-ups.

  • Made from sustainable bamboo and reclaimed Mahogany
  • Coated with Danish oil
  • Fitted with anti slip pads
  • Handmade in Denmark

Length: 65 cm | Height: 6 cm | Width: 6,5 cm | Foot base: 12 cm | Weight: 835 g

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11 in stock (can be backordered)

11 in stock (can be backordered)


The Shena push up board is one of the ancient Persian warrior training modalities, asides from club swinging.
In Persian, Shena means “swimming”. This fluidity will become apparent when you start doing circular push ups.

Get ready to experience a combination of dynamic stretching, isometrics, fluidity, coordination and strength endurance!

Why use a Shena push up board?

With your fingers are wrapped around the board and not flat on the floor, you will notice a decrease in stress and tension on your wrists.

The stable platform of the board is great to perform push ups from different angles, using leverage to control the distribution of your body’s weight.
In a traditional push up, you simply go up and down, in a short linear fashion. The circular aspect of many of the shena board exercises extends the range of motion, adding a new dimension to push ups.

If you only ever do the same few exercises, while you will no doubt become stronger at them. But you might neglect to move and express your body in all its potential. Movement variability is essential for your health, longevity and overall well being.

Training tips

  • For most push ups, your hands position should be directly outside of your shoulders. Avoid elbows flaring out to the side.
  • In exercises that require one arm to be lifted off the board, have your supporting hand on the inside of the Shena’s base, to avoid it tipping off.
  • Keep your neck relaxed and moving fluidly along with your body.
  • In the classic 4 count push up or Hindu push up, do not excessively crank your neck up. Look ahead instead of directly above you when you raise your torso. Look in between your feet when your hips are up.
  • Match your breathing to the movement.


Additional information

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Dimensions66 × 11 × 11 cm

1 review for Shena push up board

  1. Travis G.

    I ordered the Shena Pushup Board a few months ago. I live in Seattle, WA, USA and there was an issue with shipping. Heroic Sport handled all issues amazing and I ended up getting the product without too much delay. The quality of the board exceeded expectations and the workouts are better than I expected. I do this in combination with a bevy of Mace exercises and I find it works the muscles that Mace doesn’t get to or just balances everything out. Essentially when I add the Shena board work in I feel like my recovery is faster and the workouts are more balanced. Its the perfect compliment to Mace and Kettlebells. I couldn’t recommend this product enough.

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