Push up handles | T-spike handles

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Not your regular push up handles!

Use the T-spikes for push ups, but also for a variety of exercises done off the floor, such as crawling exercises, planks etc…
You will suddenly experience that you can activate and generate full body tension from your fingers to toes without even having to think about it.

  • 5 cm diameter bamboo heavy duty handles
  • 11 cm stainless steel spike
  • Anti-slip end caps
  • Sold as a set
  • Handmade in Denmark

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Are you ready to upgrade your push ups?

We make our push up handles locally in Denmark, using sustainable bamboo, “the miracle hardwood” which offers a warm feel for your hands.
All our equipment is given consideration from its conception to the usefulness for our customers. These handles are no gimmick. We have benefited from them, now it’s your turn!

The benefits

The stability and strength challenge offered by the T-spikes push up handles will supercharge your push ups, and transfer to better athletic results and performance!

A strong grip is essential for many sports and daily activities, but did you know it is also one of the markers scientists use for longevity? Stronger forearms are not just for martial artists!
By performing push ups on the T-spike handles you will be training your grip, arms  and core at the same time just as you would when doing Farmer’s walk and bar hangs.

Why do I need to make push ups harder?

Once you can crank  multiple sets of 15-25 regular push ups, doing more repetitions will mainly develop your muscular endurance. To become stronger you need to increase the challenge.

The spikes are an easy and effective way to increase the difficulty of this timeless exercise. You are basically adding 16cm of range of motion to regular push ups.
A greater range of motion means your muscles have to work harder. Not only that, the base of contact on the floor is greatly reduced, forcing your stabilizer muscles to switch on like crazy.

With the T-spike push up handles, you will experience:

  • Greater forearm & wrist strength
  • Better shoulder and wrist stability
  • Increased core and upper body strength
  • Increased neuromuscular efficiency
  • How to create full body tension and link the body as one unit

Watch our video guide to doing push ups with the T-spike handles

To get the most of your training, we recommend you to follow the progressions in the video.

You need to find stability in the safest positions first, before you attempt your first T-spike push ups!

Additional information

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Dimensions17 × 23 × 6 cm


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