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Our Persian Club swinging 101 is designed for both people with or without prior knowledge of Indian clubs or Persian Meels. We cover all the essential classical swings of the “house of strength” and some of their variations, and more.

This starter kit includes: 2 sets of Pahlavandle™ and weight inserts. With over 1 hour and 45 minutes of video downloads, you will learn the key points to develop fluid and efficient club swinging technique.

We even have included a training program with 3 levels,  and a  short routine timed to drumbeat to challenge your mental focus and physical abilities at the same time.

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This starter pack is the easy way to get into Persian meels, and discover closed style club swinging. Learn at your own rhythm and train from home or anywhere.

We start with a crash course in club swinging, where we cover safety and general principles, so that even new beginners can enjoy this program.
Then we dive into the traditional club exercises from the Persian Zoorkhaneh, otherwise known as the  “House of Strength”.

More than just a collection of tutorials, you also get a full training program and a follow along routine choreographed to music. The club swinging rhythmic and repetitive circular patterns to drum beat effectively work as mindfulness. This was used to train the warriors’ minds to remain calm and collected.


The Pahlavandle™ is the safest way to get started with Indian clubs, and with the weight adjustment possibilities up to 3kg, our clubs will keep you busy for a while!

We included 2 sets of  Pahlavandle™ with weight inserts, so that you can also experience swinging with a longer handle at some stage. Each insert weighs 370g, turning the set up into  light set of Persian meels.
Only swing in the extended mode when you have mastered the exercises with the single Pahlavandle first.


  • Always inspect your equipment before you train.
  • Always take a 360 degree space check around you before you start your workout, as clubs can hit things or fly out of your grip.
  • Always train within your capacities, listen to your body, and use common sense.


We designed this course with beginners in mind, but also cover more advanced techniques for intermediate level club swingers. Knowing some exercises is great, but knowing how to combine them into a training program is even better.

The program addresses: strength endurance, mobility of spine, hips and shoulders, agility, coordination and balance. You will also improve your grip and train your core in a reactive fashion.

It is also a great conditioning program for HEMA and historical fencers, especially if fighting with buckler, shield or dual weapons.

The focus of this video course is on swinging light Persian meels to perfect technique, because we believe that for your longevity and own benefit, how well you swing is more important than how heavy. Light meels are favored by wrestlers while heavy meel swinging is more a specialized weightlifting competition.

For your benefit and future development, we cover the technical differences about swinging both light AND heavy meels, should you at some stage invest in a set of Authentic Meel.

We also show you a few traditional push ups on the “Shena” push up board. With our quick guide, you’ll be able to build one yourself with just a handsaw, a piece of wood, a screwdriver, 8 screws and some sandpaper!

We do not cover the traditional arts of: Sang (shields), Kabbadeh (iron bow), Meel Sangin (heavy Meel), Meel Bazy (Meel juggling), Charkh Teez  &  Charkh Chamani ((fast and slow whirling). If you want to experience the full Zoorkhaneh traditions and rituals, you can find more info by looking up the International Zoorkhaneh Sports Federation.

Pahlavandle™ specifications

  • 20 cm length
  • 2,8 cm diameter
  • Suitable for children and adults
  • The material used for the Pahlavandle ™ is food grade safe plastic.
  • Please observe that the Pahlavandle ™ is not designed for juggling or impact.
  • The Pahlavandle™ is only designed to be used as per our recommendations to be found in our instruction videos.
  • Note that we accept no liability in any case of modification whatsoever of our products.


  • 2 sets of Pahlavandle™
  • 2 sets of Pahlavandle™ weight inserts
  • MEELS 101 | CLOSED STYLE CLUB SWINGING (video download)
    • Training Guidelines and Safety
    • Club swinging 101 express (safety and key point of club swinging)
    • Basic exercises (grip, closed style vs open style club swinging, swipes, alternating low cast, footwork…)
    • Classical exercises (4 count and 2 count swings, proper footwork, technique for heavy Persian meels)
    • Extra exercises (double inner and outer back, alternating parry and strike, crisscross…)
    • ”Rostam routine” timed to music
    • ”Pahlavan Rising Program” (program with 3 levels, benchmark goals, training advice…)
    • How to easily make a Shena push up board to YOUR size (with minimal tools such as a handsaw and screwdriver)
    • Essential Persian push ups
    • Cool down

Total playing time:   105 minutes

Downloads are split into 2 ZIP Folders (1,6 GB + 1,2GB)


Additional information

Weight 1.91 kg
Dimensions 23 × 18 × 12 cm

1 review for Persian Meels Starter Kit

  1. Laura McWhorter (verified owner)

    As someone just getting started with Indian clubs, this package was perfect for my needs. The instructional videos are clear and easy to follow, and the training program can easily be adjusted to increase the challenge as you improve.

    As for the handles, I must confess that they were more challenging than I expected, but in a good way. I’ve been lifting weights for many years and although I knew intellectually that this was different, it wasn’t until I actually swung these with the inserts in that I understood just how heavy these could be. Also the handles are thicker than than my standard clubs, so that also adds to the challenge. I wasn’t sure I needed the handles, but I’m glad I got them because they let me add a lot of variation, both in terms of weight and configuration.

    If you’re thinking of getting the handles, I’d say that you ought to consider getting the whole package with extenders and inserts as well. As good as the handles are, the other items open up some great possibilities that you wouldn’t have otherwise.

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