Pahlavandle XL | Adjustable heavy Indian club

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The Pahlavandle™ XL is an adjustable heavy Indian club.

It can easily be packed down for transport, and weighs under 2,5 kg. At your destination, fill it with wood pellets, sand, gravel, metal scrap or what’s available. It can weigh up to 20 kg! This makes it ideal for people flying on holidays or trainers running workshops.


  • Total length is 82 cm
  • Handle diameter at its thickest point is 42 mm
  • Barrel diameter is 110 mm
  • Sold as a single club.

Buy the XL today and get our downloadable 5 day Indian clubs intro course free of charge (120 minutes of training videos at a value of 20€).


13 in stock

13 in stock


Pahlavandle XL | adjustable in length and weight

The design

The Pahlavandle XL adjustable heavy Indian club has a unique handle which makes it possible to be used both single and double handed.

This club design is based on mugdars and karlakattai from India. The perfect club to experience our Hanuman workouts.

The handle has a reverse taper and no pommel. This design provides a safe grip, while working your grip more actively compared to a club with a pommel.

3 essential safety tips

  • Always inspect your equipment before you train.
  • Always take a 360 degree space check around you before you start your workout, as clubs can hit things or fly out of your grip.
  • Always train within your capacities, listen to your body, and use common sense.

Materials and finish

We use recycled materials and sustainable in the production of the Pahlavandle™ XL. Therefore the actual look and color might be slightly different from the pictures on our website.

The handle is made of mahogany hardwood.
The wood is finished with high quality Danish oil as it provides a better grip and a more natural feel in the hands. You can care for your club by oiling it from time to time. The traditional oil mixture for coating Karlakattai is 3 parts castor oil and 1 part neem oil. Wipe off with a rag and leave to cure for a few hours.

The core of the club is a hollow pipe made from reclaimed plastic.
You can decide to shorten the tube. For best results, use power tools and remember to shorten the metal rod as well.

How to fill your Pahlavandle XL

Do not fill the Pahlavandle XL with liquids, use only dry fillers: wood pellets, rice, sand, gravel, metal nuts and bolts, lead shot, etc…

After filling your XL, simply tighten the butterfly nut securely, and you’re ready to swing!

We recommend wood pellets for beginners. By filling the tube to its max capacity, your XL will weigh 4,5kg. You can safely swing the Pahlavandle™ XL even though the material sloshes about in the tube.

Additional information

Weight2.45 kg
Dimensions85 × 11 × 11 cm

9 reviews for Pahlavandle XL | Adjustable heavy Indian club

  1. Josh G (verified owner)

    I have a few steel clubs and they have been great to learn a lot of the basics. The Pahlavandle XL has a wonderful feel and the arc of the swing is very satisfying. Way more pleasant to work with than steel clubs, which I happily put away 😀
    It requires more neuromuscular activation, more stabilizers and better vestibular awareness. Really amazing product. I’ve found an interesting way to pack it for lighter loads. use packing peanuts on the bottom and something a bit heavier like rubber mulch on top to replicate the top heavy meel design. Can play with the volumes of each to change weight and then progress to decreasing packing peanuts and increasing rubber mulch. Once it’s filled with all mulch then you can start adding in sand packed into ziplock bags to the top (ziplocked sand is much cleaner and easier to change weights than free-pouring sand into the tube) as you decrease mulch. This way there is no sliding weight (if that is what is desired), the tube is packed tight and feels like a solid meel.

    Really an amazing product. Thank you!

  2. Adam Roden (verified owner)

    Brilliant – so versatile, way more pleasant to pick up than steel clubbells, with the length giving a comparative feel to a steel mace. This can really be used as a standalone training tool, and works brilliantly alongside kettlebells.
    Beautifully made too, all the joints are snug so no leakage, even with really fine play-sand. And you can fill it with anything – cloth, gravel, sand, treasure, hopes, dreams…
    Speaking of which I found with paper small animal bedding pellets it comes to 3.8kg (a great weight if swinging things round your head is new to you), aquarium or pea-gravel it comes to just over 8kg, fine sand is about 9kg, and it’ll go higher if you start mixing steel shot in there too.

    Anyway, well worth the money, with the only downside being I’ll probably end up buying another! The customer service is excellent too, with my dumb order mistakes dealt with quickly and helpfully. This club arrived with me so fast it was spooky, with no extra fees to pay on arrival to the UK.

    Get one!

  3. Jarratt Raj (verified owner)

    I am a personal trainer with many years of club swinging experience. When i first laid hands on the pahlavandle XL and TG I instantly noticed the fine worksmanship and finish of the club. Everything from length and style of the handle to type of oil used to finish the club was thought about and picked for a specific reason of improving the swinging experience. Filled mine with lead shot, pebbles and sand. I love the ability to modify the weight and have recomended it to all my clients.

  4. Kelly Manzone (verified owner)

    Recently purchased the Pahlavandle XL and I’m absolutely loving incorporating it into my club collection and training…Well made and it swings beautifully. I like the feedback of the pea pebbles inside which adds a nice stability challenge. Right now it’s just under 20lb and I plan on adding some metal shot to make it heavier. (It’s super easy to adjust the weight)
    Would highly recommend adding this club to your tool box of strength!

  5. Hugo Brincard (verified owner)

    Beautifull product and really nice to swing!

    Love the feeling of the handle and if you are looking to save some space like me, it’s a no brainer to have such a wide range of weight with only one equipment.

  6. Bowden L Palmer (verified owner)

    First, they’re actually pretty. The wood work for the top and handle is nice and has a good feel. You wouldn’t expect that from something like this.

    Overall, they’re 33″ long, and 4 1/16″ diameter and weigh a little under 4 lbs empty.

    If I did the math right (4″ inside diameter, 18″ working length), I’ve got .13 cu ft available. Using an article on making your own sandbag, that’s ~10 lbs of sand (14 lbs total), ~9 lbs of pea gravel (13 lbs total), ~4 lbs of wood fuel pellets (8 lbs total), ~3.5 lbs of rubber mulch (7.5 lbs total). It get’s crazier once you start adding lead or steel shot to the mixes.

    I filled both with rubber mulch and must have over filled them a bit before tightening them down since the scale says they each weigh 8 lbs.

    Swinging one with Hanuman 2 was pretty nice. The center of gravity and low density made it a pleasure to swing (compared to a steel club of similar weight that felt aggressive). But by the third round of exercises, it was an effort to swing. Doable, but hard.

    Tried them with a run through of Pahlavan rising and its too much. Then the 6 lb clubs. Too much.

    But it’s perfect for Hanuman and similar exercises though.

    I would recommend this to others and suggest that you get it as your capabilities increase. It’s not as pretty as an all wood club, but it’s versatile and the shipping won’t eat you alive.

  7. stephane kriz (verified owner)

    I just received today my XL, and I began immediately to workout with it empty. Your video, eight exercices with thick grip, is very helpful and the flow is very fun. Every week, I will add weight, and I will try to reach 10 kgs. I think the eight karlakattai exercices with 10 kgs will make a very good full body workout. Thank you for your product, it is a good invention.

  8. Matthew Flaherty

    I originally purchased the XL to replace my meels when I travel. After going through the Heroic Level 1 Instructor Course I’ve made these my go to clubs. There is so much more to these that I initially thought.

  9. James Griffiths

    Without doubt one of my favourite bits of kit. It feels so nice to swing vs other big clubs I’ve owned. The XL quickly became one of the most popular Circuits at the Wild Training Gym.

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