Pahlavandle Weight Inserts

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Our weight inserts fit snugly inside your Pahlavandle™ original to increase the overall weight of your Indian clubs. Each insert weighs 370g.
Just screw on the bottle cap tightly on the end of your Pahlavandle™ and you’re good to go!
Check the inserts are properly secured each time you swing to avoid accidents.

The extra weight in the handles brings the weight distribution of the club closer to your hand. This makes a difference in how the clubs swing, making them more forgiving, especially if you have filled your bottles with sand. The inserts are designed for the Pahlavandle in Indian club mode only, and not in the extended versions.

The Pahlavandle are sold separately.


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495 in stock

495 in stock


How do the Pahlavandle weight inserts work?

Simply slip the Pahlavandle weight inserts into your Pahlavandle Indian clubs handles, and screw the bottle caps on the ends. You’re ready to swing!

Each insert increases the weight of your clubs by 370g, and brings the center of the mass closer towards your hands, affecting how the clubs swing.


Additional information

Weight0.82 kg
Dimensions18 × 1.8 × 1.8 cm

2 reviews for Pahlavandle Weight Inserts

  1. Bowden L Palmer (verified owner)

    These really changes the behavior of the clubs in a good way. They add about .8 lb to each club and make sand filled bottles with Pahlavandles feel different, moving the center of gravity more towards the handle.
    Anyway, I like them and recommend them.
    One more thing- they do rattle in the Pahlavandles. If it bothers you add a drop off silicone or a bit of candle wax.

  2. Matthew Flaherty

    When you order Pahlavandle’s you MUST order these. They completely change the dynamic of swings and add to the feel of snakes.

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