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Perfect to learn Indian clubs or travel

With our Pahlavandle Indian clubs handles, you can now create an instant set of adjustable Indian clubs. The handles fit carbonated drink bottles made of plastic, all around the world.

Move better, feel better

The multi-joint club exercises performed with Indian clubs not only strengthen the body, but improve range of motion of the shoulder girdle and spine. Gentle circular swings done in multiple planes of motion help relieve joint pain, stretch muscles, tendons and fascia.

Connecting mind and body

The cross body patterns of club swinging have significant impact on cognitive functions, helping reconnect damaged nerve pathways and build new ones. Overall, club swinging will help you develop better coordination, balance and kinesthetic awareness while having fun too!

The Pahlavandle™ is Heroic Sport own invention, designed and created in Denmark. This current model is our Generation #10 club swinging handle.

A set consists of 2 handles. Bottles and bottle caps are not included. 

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The Pahlavandle Indian clubs handles are perfect to get started at a reasonable price, progress for a while and experience the state of flow!

Use ONLY carbonated drink bottles made of plastic. All PET soft drink and sparkling water bottles are required to use the international PCO28 norm for their thread. Do not use plain/ still water bottles, it won’t work!

At 20 cm length and  65 grams, the Pahlavandle Indian clubs handles are easy to carry around. With an average diameter of 28mm, the Pahlavandle™ is suitable for children, women and men. It’s simply the easiest way to get started with Indian clubs, and swing wherever you may be!


The unique design and features of the Pahlavandle™ allows you to find the right starting weight, and progress to heavier Indian clubs as skills and strength improve.  This makes the Pahlavandle™ the perfect set of Indian clubs for beginners, while strong people or skilled swingers still can get a challenge.

Most British style Indian clubs are based on a bottle design, and can weigh from 500 grams to 2 kg.

Experiment with different fillers (water, rice, gravel or sand) to increase the weight of each club up to 3kg. We recommend plastic bottles up to 1,5 liters, as bottle stiffness varies from country to country. Bottles above 1,5 liters have a tendency to bend at the neck.
If using sand, we advise you to seal the bottle(s) with something like silicone to avoid having loose sand ruining the thread of the handle.


  • Always inspect your equipment before you train.
  • Always take a 360 degree space check around you before you start your workout, as clubs can hit things or fly out of your grip.
  • Always train within your capacities, listen to your body, and use common sense.


Simply stack your set of  Pahlavandle™ Indian clubs handles, and recreate the feel of a longer club, bulava or mace. It’s a great way to get a feel for closed style club swinging and Persian meel swings.
By adding length to the lever arm, you can increase the forces throughout the swing without adding more weight, and experience a whole new feel!
The extra length increases the demands on your grip and shoulder stability as well.

When using the Pahlavandle™ in extended mode, we recommend screwing 3 handles together maximum.


By half filling a small weight or marbles inside the handle, you can create an Indian club with a shifting weight.
This shifting weight provides audible feedback to help timing and coordination. A fluid swing makes no sound, letting you clearly know when you are swinging optimally.


Learning how to swing Indian clubs made of wood or metal can raise safety concerns for some people. With the Pahlavandle™, you can be sure you will not injure yourself should you hit yourself by mistake.

The material used for the Pahlavandle ™ is food grade safe plastic.
Please observe that the Pahlavandle ™ is not designed for juggling or impact. The Pahlavandle™ is only designed to be used as per our recommendations to be found in our instruction videos.
Note that we accept no liability in any case of modification whatsoever of our products.


Our Pahlavandle bundles are the most affordable way to run fitness classes, bootcamps and Indian clubs workshops. Participants can bring their own bottles to your classes. Screw the handles on, you’re ready to train!

Additional information

Weight0.22 kg
Dimensions23 × 9 × 6 cm

Single pair, 3 pairs, 6 pairs, 9 pairs, 20 pairs

22 reviews for Pahlavandle Indian clubs handles | Adjustable clubs

  1. Jenya (verified owner)

    I bought Pahlavandles (being a complete novice to club swinging) as a cheaper alternative to wooden clubs, and it’s proved to be the right decision on so many levels. Plastic bottles differ, so I can vary the length of the club. On (rare) occasions I hit myself, was I happy it was with a plastic bottle! Even with one set, just by switching bottles, I can practice both more complex routines with lighter clubs or go for simpler moves but with a heavy club. What makes Pahlavandles unique for me with my shoulder tendonitis, is how many weight options I can have by using different types of fillers because even 200g either way can make a difference in my case. Thank you Ron and Thierry.

  2. lloyd

    I just purchased mine yesterday so I am eagerly awaiting their arrival. I had watched some P.T. Wokowinski’s videos so I knew to order 2 sets thru Amazon (will they be the same colour?) I like the idea of marbles for audio feedback. My problem is I don’t drink anything but coffee and tap water, so when the winos are out looking for bottles in my neighbour’s blue box I will be joining them looking for soda bottles!

  3. Anthony Roberto (verified owner)

    Amazing. Just what you think it is, and what they claim it to be. There was initially a problem with my order not arriving, but it turned out it was just USPS covid delays, and no fault of Heroic sport. Even so they sent me out a new one even though they were under no obligation to do so.

    As far as the handles…. I am the owner of a couple sets of clubs: 1 lb (plastic), 5 and 10lb ( both steel). I find myself using the steel clubs less mostly on account of the sound they ever so often make if they hit eachother, it really, really pierces the ear and upsets the wife.

    Currently using a 1kg water bottle in my set of palahvandals, and it is amazing to be able to incrementally change the weight. All in all very satisfied with every aspect of the purchase and customer service. Hoping to get the thick grip adjustable mugdar XL next.

  4. Ghiles Reguig (verified owner)

    So simple but yet so effective. This is basically a must have for anyone. I managed to get rid of a remaining tendinopathy related shoulder pain and regain mobility simply by using 0.5 liter bottles and very basic moves. I definitely recommend this for anyone who spends a lot of time sitting. Only a few minutes of club swinging help to get some blood flowing in all the small muscles of the scapula, which makes it a great warmup as well.

    Thanks Heroic Sport !

  5. Joo (verified owner)

    Do yourself a favor. Order 2 sets, period. I was not sure about the handles and did not expect much. But after I got my first set and followed the 5-day beginning program, I realised my mistake not having ordered 2 or 3 sets. There were options of ordering more than one set and explanation of the possibility of extending the handles for more diverse swings, but being new to the club swinging, did not notice what that was about. If you decide you did not like the extended longer handles, then you can gift the additional set as the effects from club swing is so beneficial to anyone anyway. So it’s win/win situation either way.

  6. Annette Wagner (verified owner)

    Great product! And i think i started something in my office, because a lot of my colleagues are facinated by the handles and wanted to buy and use them too. People who didn’t know anything about clubs so far.

  7. Daniel Anny (verified owner)

    Hi, I just received my PAHLAVANDLE™ BUNDLES | 3,5 OR 10 SETS + the weight inserts and they are fantastic it’s really easy to set up and to use. The delivery was fast and the customer service is excellent.
    The only problem I have is to find 1.5 Liter bottle her where I live we have 1 or 2 Liter only, so far I work out whit 2 Liter and is very fine. I definitely recommend all the bundles it’s perfect.

    • Thierry Sanchez (verified owner)

      Great! The reason we recommend 1,5 liter bottles is that most bottles over that volume that we have tried, easily bend at the neck when swinging. But it depends a lot on the bottle, as we have had people swinging 2 and even 3 liter bottles without problem. Enjoy!

  8. blackhand137

    In principle a great product. But its not stable enough! Rather up to 1kg instead of up to 3kg should be in the description. There are 2 possibilities @heavier weights: The thread of the Phalavandle breaks or the bottle bends (depends on the stiffness/how hard it is filled)! Let it be a sudden stop or a drop to soft grass. There have to be a more developed product with a metal core at least at the thread or something else to make it more robust. With this product you have to be very careful or train with a bended bottle @heavier weights.

    With “up to x kg” in the description it has to be rockstable with x kg imho.

    • Thierry Sanchez (verified owner)

      Sorry to hear about your bad experience with our Pahlavandle. I couldn’t find your order number on our official webshop, maybe you ordered via amazon?
      It is indeed possible to get a defective product once in a while, or something might happen during transport that could weaken the handle. Many instructors use our products to run classes, bootcamps and workshops, and use sand as a filler. If you look #pahlavandle up on social medias like Instagram, you will find ample evidence of it.
      You can find many videos here on Youtube of Thierry swinging the Pahlavandle with bottles filled up with sand, like this one:
      That’s 2 handles together and a bottle weight of 2,5kg in each hand.
      We regularly run workshops and some of the Pahlavandles we use are still holding up after 3 years.
      But you’re correct about bottles, they differ in construction and design around the world. Some bottles will bend at the neck. This is why we recommend using 1,5 liter bottles as the maximum volume. Filled with sand though, they weigh 3kg.
      From what you wrote, it sounds like you broke both, one with a sudden stop, the other with a drop. If you contact us at [email protected] with your order number and some close up shots, we’ll happily send you a new set. The ball is in your camp!

  9. Michael Son (verified owner)

    Great product and even greater service!
    An amazing solution for private / group classes. Saves money and space. Makes logistic very easy and comfortable.
    I bought if out of curiosity and stayed for great value and solution it provides for any club enthuthiast, regardless of their level.
    Forgot about my shoulder injury as well – a “nice” added value I think 😉

  10. Daisy Edwards (verified owner)

    Wonderful tools!
    Bought on a whim more or less to help with a shoulder injury rehab, and as a warm up for Steel Mace work. But I have fallen in love with them! I use these every day to wake up, warm up and move my body. My shoulder is much better, my range of movement has really increased as has my strength and power.
    They arrived super quickly even at a time of reduced postal service- very impressive. Suffice to say I’m now totally hooked! Now I just need to learn more moves and keep practicing.

  11. John Hoey (verified owner)

    An excellent product!!!

  12. Matthew Flaherty (verified owner)

    I was extremely skeptical when I was first introduced to these. Thought they were just a gimmick. Oh was I wrong. I always have a pair of Pahlavandle’s with me. Whenever I teach a workshop, these are my go to. Super durable, easy to use, TSA friendly! Indian Clubs have been my saving grace from all my travel. The Pahlavandle has been a much needed addition to my collection!

  13. Terje Bakkeløkken (verified owner)

    Fantastic product! As long as you attach a good-quality plastic bottle, they work splendidly. The Pahlavandles provide an excellent “starter” alternative to more expensive wooden clubs (which might come later, as one gets hooked on the Pahlavandles!).

  14. jonboylewis (verified owner)

    Fantastic. Have been out in the garden doing a 20 swing every day since they arrived. Beginning to add more moves to my sessions and really enjoying this exercise for body and mind.

  15. Colleen Jones (verified owner)

    Customer service was top notch with Ron when I first tried the handles with cheaper soda bottles that leaked. Once I switched to a better soda bottle, they worked perfectly. Great idea, and a much more affordable option to create my own clubbells in addition to the small very light wooden pair that I already own. I like the suggestion above to put water in the handles as well as in the bottles to give a small bit more weight. I might try that. I’m using both the wooden clubs and the handles with bottles to go through the beginners tutorials. Really helps to be able to try both weights and see what is comfortable for each movement. Thanks Ron and Thierry!

  16. Cinzia

    Je l’ai rêvé et le voilà ! Pahlavandle est un outil fabuleux qui je peux emporter avec moi sans me charger de poids inutile. Il est très versatile, car il permet de s’ajuster à diverses tailles de bouteilles et il peut être allongé avec deux paires supplémentaires. Ce qui élargit la façon de l’utiliser. Il fait son job à la perfection et il est parfait pour la rééducation physique, la coordination, le renforcement…et plus encore ! Ca va bien au-delà. Pahalavandle rend un grand hommage au traditionnel Clubbel et il est adapté à notre vie moderne.
    Aussi simple que fantastique. Car derrière la simplicité se trouve toujours le génie. Merci
    I dreamed it and here it is! Pahlavandle is a fabulous tool that I can carry with me without burdening myself with unnecessary weight. It is very versatile because it allows you to adjust to different bottle sizes and can be extended with two additional pairs. Which expands the way to use it. He does perfectly his job and is good for physical rehabilitation, coordination, strengthening … and more ! It goes well beyond that. Pahalavandle pays tribute to the traditional Clubbel and is adapted to our modern life. As simple as it is great. Because behind the simplicity there is always the genius. Thanks !
    L’ho sognato ed eccolo qui ! Pahlavandle è uno strumento favoloso che posso portare con me senza gravarmi di peso inutile. È molto versatile perché consente di adattarsi a diversi formati di bottiglie e può essere esteso con due coppie aggiuntive. Che ne espande il modo di usarlo. Fa il suo lavoro perfettamente ed è perfetto per la riabilitazione fisica, la coordinazione, il rafforzamento … e altro ancora ! Va ben oltre. Pahalavandle rende omaggio al tradizionale Clubbel e si adatta alla nostra vita moderna. Cosi’ semplice che Semplice fantastico Perché dietro la semplicità si trova sempre il genio. Viva Pahlavandle !

  17. Trey Palmer

    I’ll admit it – I had my doubts. All the materials (and my own first clubs) were really traditional. But, I wanted some clubs I could swing on a break or a lunch break and I didn’t want something that would a) cost too much to replace if lost or stolen and b) freak out security or a coworker, so I was stumped. Then I saw a review of the Pahlavandle by Paul Wolkowinski. And I thought, this might just do what I need.
    So I ordered a pair, filled them and hooked them up to 2 one liter soda bottles. They do what I need and I take them out onto the parking garage roof at least once a week and cycle through some circuits.
    Despite the button pommel (and I’m not sure how the limitations in manufacturing could be overcome to give it a ball pommel), they work really well. With the handles filled, they have a nice feel and center of gravity.
    What would I change? Add a suggestion about filling the handles to the instructions included with the basic kit. Offer more colors (black, green, purple)

  18. Carole Gal

    Pratiques et nomades, il n’y a plus qu’à se lancer…. alors tentez l’expérience 😉
    Activité alliant mouvement, respiration et lâcher-prise.
    En soutien d’une autre discipline, comme hygiène de vie, pour se bouger chez soi, bref c’est un achat gagnant.

  19. Martin

    Absolut de nemmeste trænings instrumenter at tage med.
    Let skift mellem 0,5 liters flaske og 2 liters flaske. De kan være i rygsækken på arbejde og andre steder. Det gør det meget nemt at få gennemført træningen, selv på weekendture, 30 sekunders skulderstræk på jobbet og rejser.

  20. Lewis Toh

    Innovative product! Now instead of having multi pairs of club I just need one pair of Pahlavandle. A half filled bottle also provide a nice feedback for the user while swinging. The material used for the Pahlavandle is very durable too. Having dropped it multiple times it is still holding up.

  21. Walter

    A great and innovative product that fits both the experienced club swinger’s collection as well as the beginner’s. For the former, it complements iron and wood clubs nicely and also provides a portable option for trips (I take them everywhere with me – my pahlavandles have been in 4 countries so far!). Also, filled with water, they provide an experience that is nice and different from that of solid clubs. For the latter group of practitioners, it provides an affirdable, safe and flexible way to start swinging. At an unbeatable price I encourage everyone to at least try them!

  22. James Griffiths

    These are a game changer. Always a set in my car for my own use or with personal training clients. They swing so nicely and the support material available from Heroic Sport is awesome so you will no doubt have endless fun learning new skills, toning up and Impriving your mobility.

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