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What’s included?

1 pair of Pahlavandle  Indian clubs handles, 1 pair of weighted inserts, and our downloadable 5 day Indian clubs intro course for free (120 minutes of training videos at a value of 20€). You save 22€!

Why use inserts?

The inserts add 370 grams to each of your adjustable clubs, and also bring the center of balance closer to your hands, changing the feel of the swings.

Just screw on the bottle cap tightly on the end of your Pahlavandle™ and you’re good to go! Check the inserts are properly secured each time you swing to avoid accidents!


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Pahlavandle heavy handles pack

The Pahlavandle heavy handles pack gives you the option of adding weight and changing the feel of the swings.
The possibility of being able to adjust weight in small increments allows you to progress faster with both strength and skills.

Each insert weighs 370g. When combined with the lever arm principle and circular movements, the increased resistance makes the difference.

Unsure if you need this?

Watch the tips in this video to learn more about how to chose a set of Indian clubs that is right for you.

The Pahlavandle is the most affordable solution on the market when it comes to Indian clubs.

  • Fits ALL carbonated plastic bottles around the world (soda pop or sparkling water)
  • Adjust the weight up to 3kg per club
  • Stack up to 3 handles together to increase leverage
  • Fill bottles with water, rice, gravel or sand
  • Provides resistance and traction
  • Train anywhere
  • Food grade plastic
  • 20 cm and 65 grams per handle

To check out the specifications of the Pahlavandle, click here.

Additional information

Weight0.98 kg
Dimensions23 × 9 × 6 cm


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