Pahlavandle™ bundles | 3, 6 or 9 sets

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The Pahlavandle™ is the easiest and most affordable way for YOU to start running your own Indian club classes! Save money when ordering  minimum of 3 sets of our Pahlavandle™ original.

A pair (or set) consists of 2 handles. Bottles and caps are not included. 

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Our Pahlavandle bundles are the most affordable way to run fitness classes, bootcamps and Indian clubs workshops. Participants can bring their own bottles to your classes. Screw the handles on, you’re ready to swing!

Pahlavandle are designed to fit carbonated beverage plastic bottles, not regular water bottles.

If swinging in extended mode, screw a maximum of 3 handles together.
Maximum weight recommended is 3kg.


  • Always inspect your equipment before you train.
  • Always take a 360 degree space check around you before you start your workout, as clubs can hit things or fly out of your grip.
  • Always train within your capacities, listen to your body, and use common sense.

We can even certify you online and provide all the programming for successful classes and a fantastic training experience! Ask us how.

Choose the Pahlavandle bundles that makes sense for you and save from 5-15% off the regular price.

The material used for the Pahlavandle ™ is food grade safe plastic.
Please observe that the Pahlavandle ™ is not designed for juggling or impact. The Pahlavandle™ is only designed to be used as per our recommendations to be found in our instruction videos.
Note that we accept no liability in any case of modification whatsoever of our products.

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Dimensions 31 × 26 × 12.5 cm

3, 6, 9

2 reviews for Pahlavandle™ bundles | 3, 6 or 9 sets

  1. Susan Felten (verified owner)

    These have been a great product. My husband had pulled a muscle in his back and nothing else worked until he started swinging these. After one day he was about 85% better, now he only has a little stiffness. For me I have never been into exercising this is actually fun for me and I love doing it every day.

  2. James Griffiths

    The Pahlavandles have quickly become a big seller from our gym for members wanting training kit they can travel with or use at home. All the trainers at Wild Training love Heroic Sports training methods and their clubs are used every day at our gym by trainers and members a like. Our Indian Club class is always fully booked.

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    (2 reviews)
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