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The Pahlavandle™ TG is a Thick Grip adjustable heavy Indian club, also known as Mudgar or Karlakattai. Traditionally, a mudgar is mostly swung  with 1 or 2 hands on the club, but can also be swung in pairs like Persian meels. Simply adjust the weight as your skills and strength increases!


  • Total length:  70 cm
  • Handle diameter: 5 cm | Handle length: 19 cm
  • Barrel diameter: 11 cm
  • Empty weight: 2kg | Maximum load: 15kg
  • Sold as a single club
  • Not to be used as a hammer or for juggling
  • Bamboo, mahogany & recycled plastic

ALWAYS check your equipment before training! Moving parts may become loose and fly out of your hand.

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17 in stock (can be backordered)

17 in stock (can be backordered)


Mudgar | Pahlavandle TG adjustable thick grip club

Our adjustable Mudgar has a thick handle that is long enough to be swung single and/ or double handed. The design and functionality are based on traditional Indian clubs.

Mudgar/ Mugdar (or even Mugdal) is the Hindi word for a club, while Karlakattai is the Tamil word for it. This type of club offer a great diversity of exercises.
Out of the 64 types of Karlakattai suttrus  (swings) in Tamil culture, only 4 are done with double clubs, like Persian meel swings. 10 of those swings are done with both hand on a single club.  The rest are done single handed, often time switching hands from side to side as 1 repetition.

Filling your mudgar

Fill it to your desired weight, tighten the butterfly nut securely, and you’re ready to swing!
Watch the video below where Ron shows you how it is done.

Do not fill the Pahlavandle TG with liquids, use only dry fillers: wood pellets, rice, sand, gravel, metal nuts and bolts, steel shot, etc…

Starting weight

We recommend wood pellets for beginners. By filling the tube to its max capacity, your mudgar will weigh 4kg.

The traditional recommendation is to start with a club that weighs no more than 1/16th of your own bodyweight for 6 months, before adding weight.

You can safely swing the Pahlavandle TG even though the material may slosh about in the tube. To secure the fillers in place, try stuffing a towel in the tube.

Thick grip training

You must condition your grip progressively, and never jump into training exclusively with thick handles, or you may experience tennis elbow symptoms.

The handle of the Pahlavandle TG is straight, with a very small pommel to respect the structural alignment of your wrist when swinging.

3 essential safety tips

  • Always inspect your equipment before you train.
  • Always take a 360 degree space check around you before you start your workout, as clubs can hit things or fly out of your grip.
  • Always train within your capacities, listen to your body, and use common sense.

Materials and finish

We use recycled and sustainable materials  in the production of the Pahlavandle™ TG. Therefore the actual look and color might be slightly different from the pictures on our website.

The handle is made of reclaimed mahogany hardwood. The rest of the wooden parts are made of bamboo, “the miracle hardwood”. We utilize bamboo for its beautiful grain patterns and amazing stability which results in no wood cracks, unlike many other woods used for Indian clubs. 

The core of the club is a hollow pipe made from reclaimed plastic.

The wood is finished with high quality Danish oil as it provides a better grip and a more natural feel in the hands.

You can care for your Mudgar by oiling it from time to time. The traditional oil mixture for coating Karlakattai is 3 parts castor oil and 1 part neem oil. Wipe off with a rag, and wait for a few hours before training.

Additional information

Weight2.45 kg
Dimensions88 × 11 × 11 cm

8 reviews for Pahlavandle TG 70

  1. Grumpy (verified owner)

    Excellent communication and support following a problem to place my order.
    I took both the 70 and 85 model. They arrived in less than 48 hours after I place my order.
    I really like the finish on these, they look like they are a quality products.
    The handle is thicker than a steel mace or club. After having swung both Pahlavandle (70 and 85) I can already tell they will challenge me in a different way and will complement well the tools I already have.

  2. Andy (verified owner)

    Very impressed with the customer service. Ron answered my email queries promptly which helped me decide to buy this Mudgar. Very fast shipping to the UK, arrived in just two days after ordering, with no trouble at customs or additional import tax to pay.
    Thanks guys!

  3. Shiv Sompura (verified owner)

    Since purchasing the TG club I’ve found so much fun and passion in swinging from the amount of complexity and dexterity I’ve developed throughout my elbows shoulders, thoracic. At first swinging empty the flow of swinging is slower and more smooth than with the light or steel clubs I’ve used and this feels so much more natural to wield and move with. Increasing the weight with wood pellets gave me a feel for the inertialmovement that this club has. It is often so easy to forget this is a heavy tool in the hand from how good it feels to move that often the only that that brings me too is a helpful whack of a reminder haha. From there filling with sand and some wood gives me around a 10 pound club that I’ve found to be the perfect whole body tool I’ve been missing for strength and mobility. The handle is as specified “THICK” meaning this is excellent for anyone looking to build their wrist hand and grip. I’m a casual rock climber and the quality of movement I’ve spent learning with the club has translated excellently with learning how to better use momentum in movement. This is a highly effective tool that should be a staple in any grappler’s arsenal even with a kettlebell if not much better with the limitlessness of swinging options. Thank you for the great club Heroic Sport! You’re doing great work 🙂

  4. Bruce Boysen (verified owner)

    Hi Ron and Thierry,
    I love this mudgar! I’m a long time cyclist and have also worked out intermittently with kettlebells for a long time. About five weeks ago I started swinging a club and doing online moves. I loved how it made me feel and bought the TG. It’s great, swings and looks beautiful and the quality is excellent. I’m now obsessed with swinging this and doing Theirry’s workouts. I’m going to get the plate loaded Gama too, and order The Indian Club Challenge and Ace of Clubs. Thanks so much!

  5. Vincent Willems (verified owner)

    I love them! I use two of them as Persian meels and they are great for that, an excellent forearm workout.
    The only thing I would like to see changed is the sticker on the tube, it looks kinda bad. It should be printed on the tube or branded in the wood so the look would match the high end feeling of the club.

  6. Theis Peter Hansen

    Hi Thierry and Ron,
    Thanks a lot for the excellent 21-day Indian club challenge – fantastic that you are giving that away for free! I really enjoyed breaking in my new Pahlavandle XL with this challenge.
    I have just reviewed all the material I received with my purchase of the Indian Club Challenge product, so the club-swinging journey continues 🙂
    While doing this 21-day challenge, I had put my kettlebell training on hold, except for one session in week two of the challenge. Nonetheless, in that session I managed to do my first ever 24kg Turkish Get Up on the left side (and one on right for balance) – I think that proves the great benefit for core and rotational strength of this type of club training!
    Again, thanks a lot for a really well structured and fun challenge – and for coming up with the great TG and XL clubs!

  7. Cipriano Pinto (verified owner)

    The thick handle works on hand grip strength,versatile as weight is adjustable save on space,crafted well made of wood the handle has an excellent tactile feel.Have enjoyed using it.

  8. Anja Lange (verified owner)

    I really love my TG! 🥰
    It‘s a beautiful work, a phantastic item to train along and it gives me a lot more grip strength during the 21 day challenge. 💪🏽
    The current filling are wood pellets, the total weight is 3,7 kg. But it‘s time to increase it, maybe with some iron bars.

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