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Rising Tsar is the perfect program choice if you already lift kettlebells and would like to add Indian clubs into your tool box. It is a 12 week program designed to increase strength, muscle mass, cardio and mobility.
The Indian clubs exercises provide active recovery and help balance the intensity of strength training. With our tutorials, no previous experience is necessary.

We do not recommend this program if you are new to kettlebells, as the exercises involve technical moves performed with 2 kettlebells. Full description below.

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Rising Tsar is a kettlebell workout based on complexes for strength and power. We use Indian clubs as the perfect complementary tool for mobility & active recovery.
If you’ve never swung Indian clubs before, we kept things simple enough for you to join the party!

1. Better mobility in the shoulder girdle and thoracic spine helps the overhead shoulder position. Optimal range of motion and stability is key for safe kettlebell training.

2. Swinging clubs is an effective way to decompress the joints and bring a soft balance to hard physical training.

3. The full body and brain integration involved in swinging clubs smoothly and fluidly improves coordination, timing, agility, and body awareness. Building new neural pathways also goes a long way to look after your brain health!


This kettlebell workout is based on an A and B session template with proven strength training principles such as progressive overload, density, and variable overload.
One session, you’ll be focusing on primarily on strength, mass and coordination, the next will target more cardio and mobility.
In each session, we combine ballistic fast lifts like jerk and snatch with grinding movements like squats and press for synergy, and effective training.

The variable overload principle means you’ll introduce elements of calculated randomness when it comes to exercise choice and volume. This way you’ll be able make progress over 12 weeks without becoming bored. It’s easy and fun to follow along.

You can train 2-4 times a week on this program. Actual training time for each session, not including warm up, varies from 20 to 40 minutes, but also varies from session to session.


You’ll need an interval timer, at least one set of paired kettlebells, and a set of Pahlavandle or Indian clubs.

We recommend 1kg or so for men, about 700g for ladies for the open style exercises.
Another set of clubs in the 2-3kg range for closed style exercises would be an advantage to make the most of this program. If using Pahlavandle, have a pair of bottles filled with water, another pair filled with sand.

Kettlebell exercises include: Turkish get up, swing (and variations), clean, jerk, snatch (and variations), press (and variations), bent over row, squat, jump squat  and loaded carries (and variations).

Indian club exercises include both British style  club swinging, and Persian meel type (closed style) club swinging.


  • Training Guidelines, PDF manual, log book template, print out reference sheets
  • Club swinging 101 express (safety and key point of club swinging to get started in hurry)
  • Club swinging video demonstrations and explanation of key points
  • Kettlebell video demonstrations and explanation of key points
  • Rising Tsar program print out sheets for easy reference

Total playing time:   1 hour 16 minutes
Downloads are split into 3 ZIP Folders (180MB + 1,5GB +1,2GB)


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