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Karlakattai is the Tamil word for Indian clubs. This specific club is based on the kai karlai design, which was used by warriors. It is fitted with a thick Mahogany handle.

Traditionally, this style of club is swung as single club with 1 or 2 hands, and also swung in pairs like Persian meels.

We do not recommend this club for beginners, because of its weight and handle diameter.

  • Total length: 69 cm
  • Handle length: 28 cm
  • Handle diameter: 5 cm
  • Weight: c. 5,8 kg

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Karlakattai, or Indian club swinging is an ancient holistic Tamil practice to develop healthy mind in a healthy body. 6 specific types of clubs are used according to the user and their occupation.

Out of the 64 types of Karlakattai suttrus  (swings) in Tamil culture, only 4 are done with double clubs. 10 of those swings are done with both hand on a single club. The rest are done single handed, often time switching hands from side to side as 1 repetition.


  • Always inspect your equipment before you train.
  • Always take a 360 degree space check around you before you start your workout, as clubs can hit things or fly out of your grip.
  • Always train within your capacities, listen to your body, and use common sense.


As much as you probably want to swing this club right now, be patient and train with lighter and thinner handle clubs to build up your tendon and ligament resilience.

The traditional recommendation is to start with a club that weighs no more than 1/16 of your own bodyweight for 6 months, before swinging thick grip clubs and heavier clubs.

You must condition your grip progressively, and never jump into training exclusively with thick handles, or you’ll set up yourself for an injury.


Like all our other wooden Indian clubs, our Karlakattai is a beautiful and classy addition to your collection and workout space.

At Heroic Sport, we bridge the gap between traditional and modern club swinging. This club is a hybrid karlakattai, inspired from 2 designs (kai karlai and pudi karlai), which offers many possibilities for full body training in a more modern context.

Mahogany is one of the wood types traditionally recommended for the manufacture of karlakattai. The thick mahogany handle forces your whole hand to fully engage on each swing, and greatly challenges grip strength.

Unlike many clubs, the pommel is very small to respect the structural alignment of your wrist.
Big pommels get in the way for this type of club swinging which involves a lot of cross cutting movements.
The reason you find big pommels on other clubs, like Persian meels or Indian joris, is that those clubs have a very specific purpose, and  mostly used for doing back circles, where the pommel does not get in the way.


We make those clubs by hand, from start to finish in Denmark, and ship them directly to you.

Ron has been turning all of our wooden Indian clubs since 2013, in his workshop, right here in Southern Denmark.
Thierry contributes to the development of the shape, weight, dimension,  overall design of all of our Indian clubs.

We source sustainable materials like Bamboo “the miracle hardwood” at 700kg/m3. We utilize its beautiful grain patterns for esthetics and its density and stability to maximize uniformity and minimalize cracking. We reclaim rejected hardwoods destined for the burn pile or landfill. This takes nothing away from their beauty, durability or strength!
With our clubs, you can train with a clear conscience, helping to minimize environmental impact. Pretty cool, no?

Using reclaimed and sustainable methods is not by any means a cheap way to produce clubs, we just feel it is the responsible way. After all it is in Heroic Sports DNA.


You can care for your club by oiling it from time to time. If you do not have Danish oil, a traditional oil mixture is 3 parts castor oil and 1 part neem oil. Any available furniture oil will work though.
Wipe off with a rag and leave to cure for a couple of days.

Additional information

Weight6.51 kg
Dimensions69 × 16 × 16 cm

Single club, 2 clubs

4 reviews for Karlakattai | Thick grip Indian club

  1. Andreas (verified owner)

    Excellent craftsmanship, swings great.

  2. Adam Roden (verified owner)

    Just beautiful – beautifully made, and a real pleasure to swing… much harder work than the equivalent weight mace or clubbell, this club provides a really intense workout, with a feeling of total engagement. It’s almost meditative to use.

    Absolutely love it, so much I’m thinking a second might be in my near future!

    Also excellent service from Heroic Sports, who were helpful and friendly before my order, and then they somehow got it from Denmark to my door in the UK in exactly 24-hours!

    Highly recommended all round

  3. Christoph JAHN (verified owner)

    I am really fascinated by this Karlakattai club
    and love to use it. The wood quality and finish are awesome. The handling with the high quality and thick Mahagony grip is quite a bit challenging but makes fun.
    I recommend this club 100%.
    My wife should not know that I have ordered two of them.

  4. Shawn French (verified owner)

    This club brought a huge smile to my face after receiving it in the mail. The craftsmanship and feel of this club is beyond amazing. Every time I walk by it I have to pick it up or touch it or look at it. I love to brag to my friends here in California that it came from Denmark LOL. Will be ordering another one in the future as I definitely have to have a set of these. Incredible you guys……please make more creations of such exquisateness

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