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Do you need a simple and structured approach to get started with Indian clubs?

We have the perfect beginner interactive intro course!
It only takes 15 minutes a day for 5 days.
Thierry will show you the progressions he has developed since 2010 to make YOU confident to swing clubs and get a great workout!

Check out the start dates below, and remember to download instructions at checkout!

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Take our Indian clubs tutorials, 5 day course to develop new skills or improve the basics

Back in 2017, we published our first Indian clubs tutorials on YouTube where we took a fully new beginner to Indian clubs and showed him the progressions to be able to do complex swings with 2 clubs in a few lessons. This time we want take YOU through an interactive and short 5 day course where you will learn about closed style club swinging with a single Indian club. Use a Pahlavandle, clubbell or whatever you have access to.

The techniques are based on karlakattai and mudgar exercises from the Indian subcontinent, and are specifically designed so that a healthy adult women or man can follow the program.

Join the group to participate!

We run this Indian clubs tutorials 5 day course over a private group on Facebook. Download the link at checkout, and follow the instructions.

The next event will start on the 28th of June 2021. Mark the date on your calendar to avoid missing out!
Latecomers will have to wait until a further event.
Alternatively if you’re not on Facebook, you can download the 5 day program and do it in your own time and tempo.

When the 5 day program starts, videos with Indian clubs tutorials of about 15 minutes duration will be posted in the group each day.

Play the corresponding video when it suits you each day, and train along. It’s that simple!

You will have the chance to post your own videos, ask questions, and become part of an international community!

  • Have fun in the group.
  • Be nice to each other.
  • Respect privacy of the other members in the group.
  • Do not promo.

Thierry will hold a short “live” session as needed, where he will do his best to answer comments and questions.

Next dates for 2021

16th of August
11th of October
27th of December

What you will need

  • A Facebook account
  • A single club between 1,5 and 3kg
  • 15 minutes a day for 5 consecutive days
  • A small space for training, free of clutter

What you will learn

  • General safety guidelines
  • Key points and principles of club swinging
  • Single hand and double handed exercises
  • 1 simple training protocol

Each day, Thierry will show you 5 simple exercises to progressively build your skills. On day 5, we will perform a 10 minute workout using 5 exercises we covered in the course.

Once you have completed this 5 day program, you will be able to safely participate in our follow up 21 day challenge!

Use common sense

By voluntarily joining this group and participating in the exercises,  you assume the full risks of any resulting injury.

18 reviews for Indian clubs tutorials | 5 day course – free

  1. Jan Storms (verified owner)

    This an excellent course to get you going. Very inspiring and I like the insights from the theory lessons too. Great!

  2. wazroth

    Great program, good for familiarizing yourself with the heavy club! Learn from the best!

  3. Eric Luer

    This is a great way to get into club swinging! I learned a lot of new techniques, and the non-club swinging exercises were just as fun as the clubs.

  4. Sinisa Bratulic

    I enjoyed the program very much. The instruction was clear and detailed. Most importantly, complex movements were gradually built up over 5 days.
    The exercises themselves really feel great and I think I found a new hobby!
    Thanks for the offering

  5. Michael

    A really good introduction. I have incorporated the shoulder warm up into my everyday routine. I particularly enjoyed the variations added on day 3.

  6. Ulric Whyte (verified owner)

    I have purchased the Clubbell handles (complete with weighted inserts), 3 clubbell training programmes (101, 201, 301) and just completed the 5 Day Clubbell Kickstarter program that they run on Facebook.

    Quality of teaching
    In the 5 Day Kickstarter Clubbell program is excellent, Terry is clearly a very experienced Clubbell teacher/practitioner. I have done clubbell programmes in the past, yet I found myself learning new ways to improve my clubbell flows with Terry’s numerous training tips given in all his videos. Love the way he broke down the back swing in accessible bite sized chunks to really set the movement pattern up.

    For any beginner I feel the Heroic Sport way of teaching is a must and will avoid wasting time and potential injury that can happen when newbies jump into the other programs out there (in my experience).

    As for the Clubbell Handles – good price and solid! Have two joined together with a 1.5l bottle full of sand – absolutely no flexing or sense that these won’t last me years. Highly recommended!!!

  7. Helen Keefe Barton

    I really enjoyed the five day program, good explanations of the moves interspersed with body weight exercises. Just doing 15 minutes a day really helps with shoulder mobility and strength.

  8. Jordan Kinzler

    The best, most thorough, ergonomically precise instruction for beginners or more experienced practitioners (like myself) who want to brush up on fundamentals.

  9. Michelle F.

    I’m new to Indian Clubs, started out two months ago with the basic 1 lb. black polyurethane clubs that are common for beginners. Even though the focus of this course is on a single, heavier club, I found it incredibly useful to follow along with a lighter club to familiarize myself with new moves beyond the circle/heart shapes that I’d focused on thus far.

    Most importantly, this class inspired me to add a Mudgar (Pahlavandle TG) to my practice. I’m a fairly petite woman and didn’t think that larger clubs were for me, but Thierry’s course gave me the confidence and structure I needed to incorporate them. And it was super fun! Looking forward to taking more courses in the future.

  10. johnny.bird

    Thierry has a logical, simple approach to demonstrating and drilling the components of light vs heavy Indian club movements. You’ll find his instruction clear, laid back, and illuminating!

  11. Grant Brown (verified owner)

    I already had a background with swinging light indian clubs but their were just loads of great coaching details for single hand swinging. The exercises have loads of martial implications for both striking and grappling. I’d highly recommend the program.

  12. hprahula

    I did a five-day course, it was interesting and understandable, I liked it, this course advanced me in my studies, thank you very much

  13. Amy Wolff

    I really enjoyed the course! I like having the bite size manageable daily sessions that included background, instruction, and follow along routine. Although it was an online course there was still an opportunity for connection and to ask questions along the way.

  14. Steven Gabel (verified owner)

    This is a great introduction to “closed style” club swings. If you don’t know what that is don’t worry it is all explained. They encourage you to train at your own level and use whatever club you have. I’ll give them a plug, I use the Pahlavandle because being older I need to experiment with the weight used in the exercises. The course is done through Facebook where you see the Q&A videos and have the links to the training videos which are on Youtube. The nice thing about Youtube is I can use controls for Playback Speed and CC for extra help in learning new moves.

  15. yavor.yanchev

    Thanks for this great training, Thierry! Have been swinging clubs for 20 days before this 5DC, using other videos by you. Must say the 5 day course is very good in getting the basics, but also very easily and effortlessly I was able to progress and make more and more complicated moves and combinations. The moves were so well sequenced and graded from one day to another, that my progress came very naturally. For example the changes of hands, I have never done that before, and now I can do them all easily. Also the full swing, the spirals, now I’ve got many many new skills. Certainly will incorporate the club swinging into my martial arts training, with both light and heavy clubs. I recommend the 5 day course as a start, very likely it will be enough for most people to get hooked on a type of training that is pleasant and very effective at the same time. Thanks again, felt great and I had a very good time! Cheers!

  16. kareningram

    A great 5 day start for beginners starting out with Indian clubs, taking us through lots of different moves. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

  17. Bowden L Palmer (verified owner)

    I’ve been swinging about 4 years now, using Ron & Thierry’s Pahlavandles and programs for about 2 now.

    And found this completely worth my time. I think you will too.

    First, it’s a solid program. It steps you through the basics to some nice fluid moves, finally it gives you a nice workout program (day 5) with a mix of coin and bodyweight exercises. And this last bit may be important: no push-ups.

    Then there are the Facebook live meetings. You get to pick Thierry’s brain! Look, he knows a lot, is willing to share and presents it pretty well.

    I highly recommend this and
    I’ll buy the paid version in hopes I can get my wife to try this.

  18. Girevik-one (verified owner)

    I was lucky enough to road test this 5 day program, hope people will enjoy it as much as I did!

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