Indian clubs technique | Analysis and corrections

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Proper technique matters! Are you ready to take your skills to a higher levels?

When you need feedback about Indian clubs or kettlebells, our expert trainer is here to help you!

What you get:

  • An analysis of your video where you demonstrate 2 different exercises.
  • We will provide screenshots of your video pointing to the elements that need improvement.
  • And a personal video with a step by step breakdown of how to improve your skills.

Read instructions in the full description.

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indian clubs
indian clubs for beginners


Indian clubs technique, single club, double clubs and kettlebells too!

Our expert trainer can help you correct and improve your Indian clubs technique or kettlebell technique via customized video analysis.
Thierry has over 10 years experience running group fitness classes with kettlebells and Indian clubs, and also workshops, certifications and online personal training.

Thierry set an IKMF world record in 2015 for 2 hour kettlebell long cycle. His Danish records in all traditional kettlebell sport disciplines have not been challenged either.

Customized learning

Indian clubs and kettlebells can be an overwhelmingly complex skill for most people.

Correct technique is the foundation for enjoyment, safety and performance. If you’re going to take the time of learning something new, achieving some results early on matters!

Our video analysis is here to provide you with a positive learning experience.

We all know how quickly we lose motivation when our learning goals seem unattainable, maybe you have been there too!

You’ll be amazed at how the right feedback can help the overlooked details fall into place, and make the difference for you to get the most out of your training practice.

How does it work?

After you purchase this product, simply send us your video and your order number.

You’ll need to upload your video to YouTube or a service like Dropbox, and share the link for assessment. Email it directly to: [email protected]
Thierry will take a look at your video and take screenshots where technique needs attention. He will then create a personal video for you, where he breaks down all the steps you need to take to improve, including regression exercises if applicable.


Demonstrate the 2 exercises you wish to be analyzed. They both may be in the same video.

Perform a few repetitions BOTH in full front and side view for each exercise.
Please observe that good lighting and framing are essential for you to get the best feedback possible.

You can expect to get an answer about your Indian clubs technique and kettlebells video within 3 business days.

Overhead lockout assessment

Shoulder mobility is essential to safely hold a kettlebell above the head in many kettlebell exercises like snatch, jerk and Turkish get up.

If you have problems with those exercises, experience fatigue after a few reps or have problems going up in weight, the first thing to check is if you have the adequate shoulder  mobility. Addressing this issue first can prevent lots of frustrations.


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