Double Club Combinations series

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Move with grace and unleash your creativity! We do not believe Indian clubs were meant to be a static and rigid discipline.

We show you how to combine swings with a single club into short full body flows. You’ll find the building blocks and inspiration for you to swing freestyle and create your own flows and routines.

Choose from 4 volumes, and scroll down for the description of contents.

It is expected that you have mastered the double heart shaped swings before you attempt those combinations!


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A flowing and elegant Indian clubs routine is the essence of British style Indian club swinging. Are you ready to expend your repertoire of skills?

By linking and combining both swings and footwork, you drastically increase complexity, while turning club swinging into a full body and brain exercise.

Indian clubs routine and brain gymnastics

When swinging 2 clubs at the same time, we perform cross crawl exercises by crossing the (imaginary) midline of the body, separating the body into left and right sides. This type of exercise helps synchronize both hemispheres of the brain, helping you re-integrate your brain and nervous system, and re-organize your mind-body connections.

If you’re frustrated with a project, take a 2 minute break and practice your Indian clubs skills. If you need to clear some cobwebs or re-boot your brain, you guessed it,  practice your Indian clubs skill!

Cross crawl exercises help you switch from the “fight or flight” to “rest and digest” mode. If you live in the modern world,  we think you’ll see the amazing benefits to going past the basic Indian club swings, and onto learning more challenging variations!

We show you how to perform challenging tasks, such as dissociate your left hand for you right hand, or work with different rhythm.

You can practice the exercises in each of the 4 volumes for a set time or a number of repetitions.

Indian clubs routine with 2 clubs| Volume 1 includes:

  1. Simple beginners flow
  2. Heart shaped swing flow
  3. Inner swing with a squat
  4. Outer swing with a squat

Total playing time: 14 minutes
ZIP Folder size: 328MB

Volume 2 includes:

  1. Don Quijote Complex
  2. Heaven 6
  3. Whole body flow routine
  4. Windmill to heaven 6

Total playing time: 13 minutes
ZIP Folder size: 314MB

Volume 3 includes:

  1. Crazy 88 Complex
  2. Full swing with 180 twist
  3. Windmill to front crawl
  4. Windmill to T-stance with big and small circles

Total playing time: 12 minutes
ZIP Folder size: 286MB

Volume 4 includes:

  1. Black Mamba Complex
  2. Double inner & outer Snakes
  3. Faker complex
  4. Walking full swings

Total playing time: 14 minutes
ZIP Folder size: 352MB


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