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The level 1 Indian clubs online certification course covers the foundations of club swinging, regardless of style.
By following our approach, you’ll run great classes in record time after completion! Our teaching approach and structure has been developed, tested and refined since 2010, you’re in good hands!
WE provide you with the foundation you need to become highly skilled with Indian clubs!
YOU get to inspire and share a great training experience with people of all levels!

We are excited about having YOU joining our tribe and spreading knowledge about Indian clubs!

The online course is split into 3 downloadable Zip folders. Download this video course at checkout.

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16 reviews for Indian Clubs Online Certification | Level 1 Single club

  1. Jenya Zelenova (verified owner)

    I truly enjoyed this course and found it to be both perfectly to the point and very very informative. Besides really well presented club exercise videos of various progressions, there is a great library of whole body exercises and valuable practical advice on teaching classes. The offered choice of exercises allows practicing with a heavier club which I personally never thought I’d do, but I did and planning to continue! The material is conveniently arranged, so everything is easy to find when you need to go back. And of course, a separate mention goes to reliable support you’ll always get from Thierry Sanchez!

  2. Naoki Nakasone (verified owner)

    I had been working with steel clubs for a while before entering the level 1 certification with Heroic Sports and thought that it wouldn’t be that different. Boy was I wrong! So many things to explore, my mind was blown away.

    All things aside, maybe the most important aspect of the certification is how much Thierry is involved in the process. Even though is a purely on demand experience, every comment, every mail and every question were answered and I truly appreciate it. 100% recommended for anyone trying to look past sets and reps and just want to connect with what their body is capable of.

  3. Fabien (verified owner)

    J’ai pris beaucoup de plaisir à suivre cette formation et à m’entrainer pour la certification. Thierry Sanchez amène une approche simple et très détaillée pour enseigner le swing club. Les tutoriels sont de qualité et structurés. Il est aussi très réactif et disponible. Je suis maintenant prêt à enseigner et pratiquer n’importe où et à tout moment. Merci Thierry !

  4. Ashaman Gray (verified owner)

    I enjoyed this Lvl. 1 Certification, a lot. Having first encountered “Indian clubs” on the banks of the Ganges in Varanasi in 2001, and later certified under Scott Sonnon as both a Circular Strength Training and TacFit Instructor, I welcome the wealth of detail Thierry delivers couched in an easy to absorb informal presentation style. Some of the exercises were new to me and got me thinking outside of my own box, and furthermore stimulated my creativity. I found myself dreaming up new patterns when away from the clubs, and reluctantly tearing myself away from practice sessions. I also appreciated Thierry’s comments and advice on teaching and leading group sessions. While I’ve been doing this for years already I found new learning here, and validation for my current practices. Great content, and value for the money. Thanks Thierry!

  5. Anco Wijbinga (verified owner)

    After playing around with clubs myself for a while it was a good thing to do the certification, with the detailed feedback preventing me from creating bad habits. Nice and structured approach and great explanations, good job Heroic sports both your products and the certification.

  6. Valérie FAVIER

    The Level certification led by Thierry Sanchez is awesome. I particularly liked the rigour and attention to details. It reminded me the technical requirements of martial arts. You have to repeat and work regularly to integrate the work. Thanks to Thierry for his pedagogy, this course allowed me to lead working groups.

  7. Jarratt Raj (verified owner)

    Coach Thierry melded his knowledge of ancient club swinging techniques and modern biomechanics and sports science to come up with an informative and fun course for both the casual hobbyist looking to improve their understanding and the coach who is looking to utilise this tool in both a class and a personal training setting.

    His attention to detail went thru all aspects of club swinging including coaching cues and the minutia of organising and spacing out the class prior to starting.

    5 STARS!

  8. Cindera Che (verified owner)

    The Heroic Sport certification program is well designed and executed. The instructions are clear. The product is exceptional. The customer service is second to none. I sent in my certification video and received very constructive feedback. Once I corrected my form and resubmitted my video, I received the certification immediately. I look forward to learning from Thierry! I am proud to be a part of the Heroic Sport community.

  9. Michael Son (verified owner)

    Club Swinging is complicated.
    It’s something you must feel by putting hours of effort into practice and deconstruction.

    Yet Thiery managed to make it simple, fun, and approachable to all!

    Level 1 gives you the tools needed to begin your journey and what’s more important take others with you!

    RIch content.
    Easy to grasp principles.
    Great Coaching.

    If you think doing it – don’t.
    Just DO it!

  10. Kaweerach Kaewta (verified owner)

    The course provides essential details both by book and videos, steps by steps. Very helpful and practical. It’s fun to learn and practice the exercises.

  11. Craig Orchard (verified owner)

    From start to finish taking this certification was a absolute pleasure! Thierry is always able to help support and guide you through the course. The tutorials are well explained and easy to follow. Would definitely recommend.

  12. Matthew (verified owner)

    I’ve been turning clubs for 5+ years now. I took this course because it would give me some more insight into the patterns I was already doing. Well I got a lot more than that. Thierry opened my eyes to an entire new world of Club Swinging.
    The videos and instruction are extremely clear and concise. The progressions allow for a safe and fun buildup. Overall amazing course!

  13. Mark Robson (verified owner)

    I’ve been using Indian Clubs for about 3 years now and studying the traditional British style club swinging for the past year. I own a gym and Bootcamp studio and teach a lot of group fitness classes. I’ve always found it difficult to incorporate club swinging into my workouts because people that are new to it always find it difficult to learn. That was until I met Thierry and found this single club swinging online certification! I love Thierry’s approach to teaching club swinging and his progressions. I found so many useful tips and exercise variations in this course. My favourite part is how Thierry combines traditional swinging methods with more modern day exercises like lunges and squats. There is something for everyone in this certification and this will take your club game to the next level! I have a new tool to use my in my group fitness classes every day! Highly Recommend!!!

  14. Hugo Reigt

    There is more than you can imagine in this certification. Thierry Sanchez shares a lot of knowledge about the clubs. It’s definitively not a one shot certification : full of details, technics, videos, explanations…and a good community support! It’s a solid and long term tool and I feel ready and enthusiastic about spreading the world with Pahlavandles!

  15. Alexa (verified owner)

    I pass this certification at my own pace. I took time to ask questions in Facebook group and use it anytime.
    It was a really great experience. Now, I can use it to improve myself, understand how to use it in best way and show it at people around me.

    Thanks a lot !

  16. Push Dhillon

    Fantastic experience and a total body work out.
    I want to thank my gym and Thierry Sanchez of Heroic Sport for an incredible Indian Clubs workshop in High Wycombe last Saturday. I attended this workshop for shoulder strength and flexibility but Thierry discussed and introduced even more benefits of Indian Club training and they are so vast. Things like body coordination, grip and core strength as well as cardiovascular exercises really make this workshop worthwhile attending. Considering it was a full day the way the course was structured ensured that the energy levels and egagement were always high. Once again thanks very much for this great experience.

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