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Indian clubs for HEMA / Historical Fencing shows you how to use Indian clubs to improve your joint health, and general fitness and conditioning.

The exercises in this video are for people with very basic experience with Indian clubs. Most exercises are single club to make it easier and faster for you to learn and apply the skills. We have included our video “Club Swinging 101 Express” free of charge, to help you review safety and key points.

The style of open style club swinging that we use in the video tutorials relies on light Indian clubs.

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Indian clubs for HEMA and historical fencing

This Indian clubs for HEMA video course teaches you the most relevant club exercises to assist your practice, and improve your physical conditioning at the same time. Many of the club exercises are also great to balance strength and mobility on both sides of the body, not solely on your leading arm.

We keep things simple enough so that you can easily follow the tutorials, and apply the instruction from day 1.
The wide variety of exercises has you moving and swinging in different planes of motion, and not just the typical swing to the side of the body.

We do not use the traditional British military stance in our video tutorials, but a more natural training stance. A rigid stance is counter productive to the fighting applications of club swinging. You need to move fast in and out, and use your hips to generate full body power from the ground up.

Indian clubs for HEMA includes:

  • Training guidelines PDF
  • Club swinging 101 express
  • Essential tutorials
    • Single Inner Heart Shaped Swing
    • Single Outer Heart Shaped Swing
    • Inner to outer switch
    • Outer to Inner Switch #1
    • Outer to Inner Switch #2
    • Single Club Switch Flow
    • Under Hand Heart Shaped Swing
    • Over hand heart shaped Swing
    • Wrist circles
    • Wrist figure 8s
  • Stronger grip circuit (double club)
  • Sam Kehoes 1866’s workout (single and double club exercises)
  • Swing with a pivoting step turn (single club)
  • Heaven 6 (double clubs)
  • Inner snake (single club)
  • Outer snake (single club)

Total playing time: 66 minutes

Downloads are split into 2 ZIP Folders: 900MB and 650MB

1 review for Indian clubs for HEMA

  1. Jason Hulott

    I have used Indian Clubs for HEMA to help with improving my flexibility and shoulder health. Its great for historical nerds like me as we have documentary evidence of Indian club exercises being used by the British Army during the early 1900s as well as Indian use for thousands of years.

    I can highly recommend this course as well as the Pahlavandles to get you started training quickly and at a low cost at home.

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