Club Swinging for Parkinson’s

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This Indian club training program is designed to improve coordination, body control, strength and balance. The program addresses specifically common symptoms in Parkinson’s patients, with the goal of improving their life quality. This program has been tested, and approved by Danish physiotherapists and nurses.

The program consists of 10 exercises performed each for 1 minute. You are encouraged to train 10 minutes, 5-7 times a week. You will find 3 variations to the training program in this video pack, including a seated variation. No prior experience necessary needed!

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Indian clubs for Parkinson’s patients

We encourage you to view the documentary, and talk to your doctor before you decide if this program about Indian clubs for Parkinson’s is for you.

From experience, all participants in the project reported it was easier to follow the program by having someone to train along with. So we recommend you to try to involve family, friends or other patients. After all the program takes only 10 minutes a day!

Press play and follow along. it’s that simple.
We show you how to get started with your first swings. Listen to your body and follow the exercises as best as you can, pausing the video when you need to.
The video is silent so that you can play your favorite music along to it. We encourage you to swing at a tempo that fits with the music.

Daily practice speeds up the learning process, and you should be able to move onto level 2 after 6-8 weeks. The exercises in Level 2 build up on the ones in Level 1. We kept the same exercises but added a little complexity to them to challenge your balance and coordination even more.

Previous participants told us:

  • It motivated me to take control over the training process.
  • I am less stiff in my arms and shoulders.
  • I can reach the top shelf in my kitchen for the first time in 5 years.
  • My fitness has been improved, I’ve also strengthened my muscles.
  • It sparked interest in alternative training methods and Indian clubs.

Club swinging for Parkinson’s includes:

  • Guidelines and safety PDF
  • Basic techniques: grips, stance and breathing
  • Level 1 program
  • Level 2 program
  • Seated program

Total playing time: 33 minutes

ZIP Folder size: 880MB


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