Club Swinging 101 | Safety, Pendulums & Circles

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In this introduction course to Indian clubs, Thierry & Ron from Heroic Sport cover the essential information for new beginners: safety, grips, stances, breathing and the key points of club swinging.

The instruction is presented in a live format, and they share their long experience teaching club swinging. You’ll discover the common mistakes to avoid, and how to get started with your first swings. The instruction is easy to follow along and simple to put to use.
For homework, you have 11 bonus videos of basic combinations with single and double clubs.



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This is the perfect video course to learn how to swing Indian clubs for beginners!

Getting started with Indian clubs is easier than you’d think! We have created this video pack with the absolute new beginner in mind. We go in depth about the basics to give you an edge for future learning in mind.
You can pause the video and go at your own tempo. No rush!

After you have been through pendulums, swipes and circles, you’ll get a feeling for combinations swings. Combinations are the essence of club swinging, and make training more interesting.

If you’re wondering how to introduce club swinging in your training routine, we even have a follow along circuit training video. it takes 5 minutes, but you can repeat it as many times as you want!

Grab a pair of light weight Indian clubs or your Pahlavandle™ and you’re good to go!


  • Safety and training guidelines PDF
  • General principles
  • Pendulums with 1 and 2 clubs
  • Circles with 1 and 2 clubs
  • 11 Basic combinations with single and double Indian clubs

Total playing time: 85 minutes

ZIP Folder size: 1.8GB


3 reviews for Club Swinging 101 | Safety, Pendulums & Circles

  1. B B (verified owner)

    Content is solid, but production is amateurish and the person demonstrating the motions is not that great at them and keeps acting and talking childishly, which distracts from the presenter, who knows what he’s talking about. I wish that guy was demonstrating. I’d be more comfortable paying maybe $10-15 for this instead of $25.

    Edit: meant to make the review 3 stars

  2. Colleen Jones (verified owner)

    I first watched the tutorials without trying the moves, but now I’ve started going through the videos and using both my little wooden clubs and the Pahlavandles with soda bottles. I like the different weights. I can start with the lighter one to get a feel for the movement and then switch to the heavier ones. I will probably have to use the light ones for the wrist circles because of early carpal impingement and a ganglion cyst on one wrist and RSI in both, but I’m hoping that regular use following the tutorials will help to improve my range of motion. The videos are very clear and well organized. Thierry speaks at a good pace and enunciates well, so I can follow his instructions. Ron is good at demonstrating, and his bit of banter makes it fun to watch him in action. I’m taking my time with this first series, but I plan to get the 102 and 103 videos when I feel like I’m ready to advance.

  3. Daniel Langevin (verified owner)

    What a great place to start!
    I’d been looking for progressive instructional material for some time and finally found it. Thierry and Ron are great. The material is well organized and Thierry’s instructions are easy to follow.
    I had been collecting historic manuals for a while but I never really had the feeling that I knew what I what was doing.
    I’ve since purchased the 102 & 103 material as well and will post reviews when I get through them.

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