Indian clubs challenge | 100 swings for 21 days

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In this 21 day challenge, Thierry is going to show you 5 combination exercises with a single Indian club.

Think of  this challenge as a “program minimum”. It’s a full body workout that takes 21 minutes (or less) a day, including warm up!
It’s perfect for anyone starting to get into heavy clubs, and/or someone who wants to develop skills, strength, and cardiovascular fitness.

If you do not manage to do any other training else that day, you’ll have done a full body and brain workout, AND worked on your club swinging skills. Pretty sweet, no?

Our next challenge will start on the 26th of October 2020.  Registrations open on the 12th of October.

You do not need to put this item in the basket! But YOU need to JOIN our support group to participate! Read the full description below for the LINK.

Anyone, anywhere in the world can join, so remember to  share this page with friends!

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Take our 21 day Indian clubs challenge to become in better shape, stronger and more athletic!

The Indian clubs challenge is run over a Facebook group that you will have to join prior to the next start date.

Join the group to participate!

The registration link will be made public on the 12th October 2020. Please check again around that date!

When the challenge starts, daily videos with Indian clubs tutorials of about 20 minutes duration will be posted in the group each day.

Play the corresponding video when it suits you on that day, and train along. It’s that simple!

You will have the chance to post your own videos, ask questions, and become part of an international community!

  • Have fun in the group.
  • Be nice to each other.
  • Respect privacy of the other members in the group.
  • Do not promo.

Thierry will hold a 20 minute “live” session every 2-3 days, where he will do his best to answer comments and questions, and might expend on some subjects related to training with clubs.

What you need

  • A Facebook account
  • A single club between 1,5 and 3kg for warm up
  • A single heavy club between 4-10kg for the workouts (any type of Indian club, steel club or clubbell)
  • 2 bricks or yoga blocks
  • 15-20 minutes a day for 21 consecutive days
  • A small space for training, free of clutter

What you can expect

The 21 day Indian clubs challenge is a full body workout where we combine swings with squats and lunges. To keep in the tradition of ancient Indian physical culture, we add push ups to the mix.

Squats, heavy clubs and push ups have been a staple of Pehlwani/ Kusthi wrestlers on the Indian subcontinent for centuries.

You will learn and perform 5 combination exercises with a heavy club for a total of 100 swings and squats, and 50 push ups. And to keep it interesting, we add variability each day. So we’re not just doing the exact same thing for 21 days straight.

If it sounds daunting, relax!
You can take it to your rhythm, and only perform the amount of reps that suits your fitness levels. Or you can start already now adding bodyweight squats to your routine to keep up!

We are sure these exercises will become a staple of your own training!

1 review for Indian clubs challenge | 100 swings for 21 days

  1. Girevik-one (verified owner)

    Doing the same thing for 21 days straight? Are you mad, I thought? I nearly thought of telling them to ask someone else to be the guinea pig this time 🙂
    But after completion, I must say it was a good process. It became easier as days went by, and gave me some structure to my daily routine. Recommended!

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