Indian club workouts | Hanuman series Vol. 1-6

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Strength endurance, cardiovascular fitness, agility, mobility and well being.

The Hanuman workout series is designed for people wanting to train at home AND for fitness instructors running Indian clubs classes and bootcamps.

Following our fool proof training program design, you will be able to train each of the 6 volumes in this series for a period of 4-6 weeks. And never doing the exact same workout twice! We are not talking random workouts here, but a strength training principle called “variable overload”.

The workouts are based on circuit interval training with a single Indian club and your own bodyweight. No extra equipment is required.


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Looking for fantastic single Indian club workouts?

Single club training is perfect for people with limited experience with Indian clubs, as it is easier to learn, and offers the seasoned practitioner plenty of challenges.
The Hanuman workout series leaves all the guesswork out of your training. After you have gone over the safety aspects and studied the exercises tutorials, are ready to train!

We have included 2 different training templates: one for home training with focus on longevity and health, and one for group training instructors who run HIIT classes.

Each of the 4 training levels for the home training template has been filmed in full length. Watch the exercise tutorials to get a feeling for the exercises. Then follow the instructions about how to design your training cycle, press play, and you’re ready for great Indian club workouts!

Many of the exercises  will be familiar to people training with clubbells, and traditional Indian/ Tamil mugdars and karlakattai. We incorporate lots of lower body exercises in these Indian club workouts which will test your coordination and timing skills. It’s great fun, and very different from the exercises you may know with 2 light Indian clubs.

Who is it for? What can you expect?

We designed the programming behind the Hanuman Indian club workouts with the new beginner in mind.

These programs have been tested in fitness centers in Denmark since 2017. People who never had seen Indian clubs before, with different fitness levels, and body types convinced us that it was possible to create a simple but fantastic training experience!

You can expect to improve your strength, endurance, cardiovascular fitness, agility, mobility and well being.

Experienced club swingers and fit people will be able to push themselves harder, but this is a great way to start implementing a fitness program for anyone,  even if you’re out of shape. The shortest program is 5 minutes long, and will leave you invigorated!

If you’re into HEMA, you’ll love the variety of club exercises done with 1 hand or 2 hands on the club.

The combination of exercises  in each volume target the whole body. The flowing movements integrate all planes of motion, for a true body and mind stimulating workout.

Hanuman workout series | Indian club exercises Volume 1-6

We have 6 volumes for this series so far, to be released shortly. Each of the 6  volumes can be used independently, however, keep in mind that the exercises get more complex and challenging as we go!

Each volume consists of 5 Indian club exercises and 5 bodyweight exercises.

The Hanuman Indian club workouts include:

  • Safety
  • Key points of club swinging
  • Creating a 4-6 week training cycle
  • Exercise tutorials
  • Warm up
  • Full follow along workouts, level 1-4
  • Cool down

Total playing time:   1 hour 30 minutes
Downloads are split into 3 ZIP Folders (500MB + 950MB +750MB)

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