The Indian club challenge | Full body training program

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This full body program is designed to improve your strength, cardiovascular fitness, coordination, mobility and quality of movement with a simple and effective approach.

The exercises we picked involve full brain and body integration, and will restore your energy, vitality and sense of well being!
The program is inspired from the physical training of Kushti wrestlers of the Indian sub-continent: swings, squats and push ups make up the main course.

Our revised version of the timeless Royal Court workout involves a heavy single club and a kettlebell (and/ or sandbag) and loads of program variability. The Indian club challenge is perfect for people who love training at home with old school workout equipment!

We recommend the Pahlavandle TG or Gama for this course.

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The Indian club challenge, full body training program

The Indian club challenge is not just a selection of workouts, but an actual program that is going to challenge you for months!

A great full body program

There are both double and single handed exercise variations with a single club, and challenging Hindu push up variations.
We also added simple and classical kettlebell/ sandbag exercises into the mix for all around strength and power. This is one true full body and mind strength workout!

If you haven’t got a sandbag, no problem. We even show you how to make a bombproof one without breaking the piggy bank.

Who is it for?

The program’s training approach is designed primarily for everyday people, with everything that life throws at them: work, family etc…
It is perfect for people who already train (or are thinking of training) at home with clubs and kettlebells.

If you are new to heavy club swinging, we strongly recommend you to purchase the 5 day kick start program first. This short 15 minutes a day course will get you on the right track, fast!!

The Indian club challenge will help you become stronger and fitter, move better, and you will still have energy for other things in your day.

Progress without ever getting bored

Yes, you can progress without training yourself into the ground every session or getting bored!
You can do the Indian club challenge 3-4 times a week without burning out. Each workout session will take from 15 to 35 minutes, using our variable program protocol.

Training volume and exercise selection changes from session to session, where you’ll roll a die to select the workout parameters.

Think of variability as controlled randomness. We stick to strictly defined parameters (specificity of training) to ensure consistent progress and a sustainable training approach.

The Indian club challenge includes:

  • Safety & Training Guidelines
  • PDF manual with full program description, log book template, print out reference sheets
  • Heavy club exercises variations | video demonstrations and explanation of key points
  • Push up variations | video demonstrations and explanation of key points
  • Kettlebell exercise variations | video demonstrations and explanation of key points
  • Sandbag exercise variations | video demonstrations and explanation of key points
  • Access to extra material | exercises from the original 21 day challenge, warm up and cool down videos, how to build a bombproof sandbag for next to nothing.

Total playing time:   1 hour 26 minutes
Downloads are split into 2 ZIP Folders (1,2GB + 921MB)

3 reviews for The Indian club challenge | Full body training program

  1. Günther Eibl (verified owner)

    The addition of the kettlebells really makes the program well-balanced and out of the programs that I have (various for Pahlavandles and the first two of Hanuman) this is the most demanding one. After the 21 day course the full program was too much for me (somehow I always rolled a 5 or a 6). I would advise to limit the number of rounds to 4 and gradually build up. I found that limiting the total time to that of the 21 day challenge works well for me. Currently I use the program without KBs as I have a dedicated lower body KB session per week. As such it nicely complements the KB session regarding both, body parts and movement planes.

  2. Ben Morris (verified owner)

    This program hit the spot. Well, in truth, it hit every spot.
    You can get clear explanations and demonstrations of exercises and the programming model. You get brain stimulation from learning and reinforcing new movement patterns; you get strength endurance and heart improvement, and for those of us with a few miles on the clock (or a few miles of sitting in one dimension), your body gets a chance to wake up as it moves through different planes and angles and getting back to standing. You’ll work hard (and you’ll know it) but no session feels like a beatdown and the intensity waves up and down as you progress. Highly recommended.

  3. Girevik-one (verified owner)

    After completing the 21 day challenge and seeing the results, I decided I could do with structured program!
    I love the fact that this heavy Indian clubs program involves kettlebells as well! The variability that’s built in keeps the program interesting and challenging, I really love the exercises. It’s like Pavel’s Simple and Sinister for Indian clubs! 👍

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    We recommend the Pahlavandle TG for this course.

    Download this video course at checkout.

    (2 reviews)
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