Holiday Workouts with Indian clubs & Kettlebells

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These 4 circuits were available on YouTube as our Advent calendar 2019, but since they were so popular, we decided to make it possible for you to download and keep them!

We included the written description of the exercises and training protocol as a reference PDF, and instruction as to how to build your own shena push up board with minimal tools.

It is expected  that you can perform heart shaped swings to get the most of this bundle.

  • Club swinging 101: Safety & key points of club swinging
  • Workout 1: Single kettlebell complex and 2 light Indian clubs
  • Workout 2: Interval workout with a single kettlebell and single heavy club
  • Workout 3: Circuit with Bodyweight, Meel complex and double kettlebell complex
  • Workout 4: AMRAP circuit with bodyweight, heavy club, kettlebells and sandbag

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Total playing time: 60 minutes

ZIP Folder size: 1.5GB



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