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This starter kit is for the HEMA practitioner looking to add Indian clubs to their conditioning routine.

You get over 60  minutes of video downloads, and a set of Pahlavandle™ with weight inserts, making your set of clubs into a truly versatile training tool. So light, you can pack them in your training bag, and use them every time you warm up before sparring!

Because strength alone is nothing if you can’t move well and fast, we picked relevant Indian club swinging exercises that will give you the most bang for your buck.

The exercises we picked target: agility, coordination, flow, mobility, spine/shoulder/ grip/ core stability and strength. Club exercises include both single handed , double handed and drills with 2 clubs, and also integrate footwork. 

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If you’re into HEMA, you’re going to love training with Indian clubs and circular swings.

The Pahlavandle™ is the safest way to get started with Indian clubs, and with the weight adjustment possibilities up to 3kg, our clubs will keep you busy for a while! We also added a set of weight inserts to this offer, to increase the weight or adjust the balance point of the clubs. You can also screw the 2 pahlavandle together to create a short mace that can be used for the double handed exercises.

Remember you can use sand or gravel to increase the weight of your clubs.

If you are new to club swinging, no problem, we have included the very basics you need to know to get going.

The style of swinging in those exercises is called open style, and meant for light to moderately heavy clubs. We’ll have you swing double handed, single handed and with 2 clubs in all planes motion. And you will integrate your lower body with squats, lunges and pivoting steps!

Pahlavandle™ specifications

  • 20 cm length
  • 2,8 cm diameter
  • Suitable for children and adults
  • The material used for the Pahlavandle ™ is food grade safe plastic.
  • Please observe that the Pahlavandle ™ is not designed for juggling or impact.
  • The Pahlavandle™ is only designed to be used as per our recommendations to be found in our instruction videos.
  • Note that we accept no liability in any case of modification whatsoever of our products.


  • 1 set of Pahlavandle™
  • 1 set of Pahlavandle™ weight inserts
    • Training guidelines PDF
    • Club swinging 101 express
    • Essential  Heart Shaped Swing tutorials (8 tutorials)
    • Montoya complex (single club)
    • Kahl Drogo complex (single club)
    • The loop complex (single club)
    • Swing with a pivoting step turn (single club)
    • Stronger grip circuit (double club)
    • Sam Kehoes 1866’s workout (single and double club exercises)
    • A PDF download of the 2 circuit is available for quick reference

Total playing time: 62 minutes

Downloads are split into 2 ZIP Folders: 0.8GB and 2GB


Additional information

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Dimensions 23 × 9 × 6 cm


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