Club Swinging 102 | Heart Shaped Swings Essentials

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Heart shaped swings (also called “Full swings”, “Swings” or “Mills”) are the signature movement of Indian clubs swinging.

The videos show the essential viewing angles and break down the moves step by step, in a slow pace, for easy learning. We cover single and double club swings, and how to smoothly switch direction in flow with a single club.

While the heart shaped swings are more complex than circles, they are still accessible to beginners with a little experience and practice.

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The essential heart shaped swing, step by step

In this video course, we show you step by step how to do the heart shaped swings, and break down all the possible variations. We demonstrate the different viewing angles, use slow motion and give tip on how to trouble shoot common issues.

It might be helpful to practice the exercises in this series in front of a mirror.

Club swinging 102 includes:

  • Guidelines and safety PDF
  • 101 Express

Swings with 1 club

  • Single Inner Heart Shaped Swing
  • Single Outer Heart Shaped Swing
  • Inner to outer switch
  • Outer to Inner Switch #1
  • Outer to Inner Switch #2
  • Single Club Switch Flow
  • Under Hand Heart Shaped Swing
  • Over hand heart shaped Swing

Swings with 2 clubs

  • Double Inner Swing
  • Double Outer Swing
  • Parallel swing
  • Alternating Inner Heart Shaped Swing
  • Alternating Outer Heart Shaped Swing
  • Windmill
  • Double 8s Heart Shaped Swing, Overhand
  • Double 8s Heart Shaped Swing, Underhand

Total playing time: 47 minutes

ZIP Folder size: 1.1GB



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