Hanuman workout bundle | Vol. 1-6

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Save 40% when you order all 6 volumes of the Hanuman workout series. This video bundle represents 6 months of training programs with 2 types of program templates, for either training at home or running group fitness classes.

Each volume represents a training cycle of 4-6 weeks, and your skills and fitness get challenged progressively as you go up in levels.

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Each of the 6 volumes of the Hanuman bundle delivers great Indian club workouts that will keep you busy for weeks. You only need a single Indian club and your own bodyweight.

The Hanuman workouts leaves all the guesswork out of your training. After you have gone over the safety aspects and studied the exercises tutorials, are ready to train!

One training cycle last from 4-6 weeks.
We have included 2 different training templates with different training levels: one for home training with focus on longevity and health, and one for group training instructors who run HIIT classes. You’ll never get the same workout twice in a row when doing a training cycle.

Single club training is perfect for people with limited experience with Indian clubs, as it is easier to learn, and offers the seasoned practitioner plenty of challenges.

Each of the 4 training levels for the home training template has been filmed in full length. Watch the exercise tutorials first to get a feeling for the exercises. Then follow the instructions about how to design your training cycle, press play, and you’re ready for a great workout!

The Hanuman workout bundle includes:

  • Safety
  • Key points of club swinging
  • Creating a 4-6 week training cycle
  • Exercise tutorials
  • Warm up
  • Full follow along workouts, level 1-4
  • Cool down
    • Hanuman volume 1: Rama
    • Hanuman volume 2: Mada
    • Hanuman volume 3: Pisaca
    • Hanuman volume 4: Rakshasa
    • Hanuman volume 5: Bhaudhara
    • Hanuman volume 6: Vajra

Total playing time for each volume:   1 hour 30 minutes * 6
Downloads are split into 3 ZIP Folders (500MB + 950MB +750MB)

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  1. Girevik-one (verified owner)

    Great workouts!

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