Hanuman workouts | Trainer edition

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Save 30% on all 6 volumes of the Hanuman workouts.

This bundle is for certified Indian clubs trainers running their own classes and bootcamps.


  • 4 week cycle group training template
  • Tutorials for 30 single club exercises and 30 bodyweight exercises

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The Hanuman workouts represent 6 months worth of weekly classes.

All the work is cut for you as a trainer! Practice the tutorials, apply the program and deliver great classes to your students!

Each volume introduces 5 new and more complex single club exercises, and 5 bodyweight exercises.

The Hanuman workouts, trainer edition include:

  • Safety
  • Key points of club swinging
  • Warm up
  • Cool down
  • Group training template
  • Exercise tutorials for Hanuman workout series volume 1-6

Total playing time:   1 hour 20 minutes
Downloads are split into 7 ZIP Folders


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