Pahlavandle™ XL | Adjustable Club 2-20kg

99.00175.00 before VAT

The Pahlavandle™ XL is an adjustable heavy Indian club, also known as mudgar.
It can easily be packed down for transport, and only weighs 2,5 kg. At your destination, fill it with wood pellets, sand, gravel, metal scrap or what’s available. It can weigh up to 20 kg!

The Pahlavandle™ XL is shipped in the standard length of  90 cm. However, you can customize it further by cutting down the tube to the length that suits you, or getting a longer tube!

The choice of materials means we can keep the weight of the XL just under 2kg. This makes it ideal for people flying on holidays or trainers running workshops.

You can buy the XL as single club only, or as a pair. Select the option below.

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