Pahlavandle™ XL | Adjustable Club 2-20kg

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The Pahlavandle™ XL is an adjustable heavy Indian club, also known as mudgar.
It can easily be packed down for transport, and only weighs 2,5 kg. At your destination, fill it with wood pellets, sand, gravel, metal scrap or what’s available. It can weigh up to 20 kg!

The Pahlavandle™ XL is shipped in the standard length of  90 cm. However, you can customize it further by cutting down the tube to the length that suits you, or getting a longer tube!

The choice of materials means we can keep the weight of the XL just under 2kg. This makes it ideal for people flying on holidays or trainers running workshops.

You can buy the XL as single club only, or as a pair. Select the option below.

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The Pahlavandle™ XL has a unique handle which makes it possible to be used both single and double handed. This heavy club design is based on mugdars and karlakattai from India, and is not a Persian meel.

The handle has a reverse taper and no pommel. This design provides a safe grip, while working your grip more actively compared to a club with a pommel.


We use recycled materials and sustainable in the production of the Pahlavandle™ XL. Therefore the actual look and color might be slightly different from the pictures on our website.

The handle is made of mahogany hardwood.
The wood is finished with beeswax as it provides a better grip and a more natural feel in the hands.

The core of the club is a hollow pipe. Standard 100mm/ 4 inch drain pipe from your local hardware fits , should you need to replace or lengthen the tube.


  • The Pahlavandle™ XL is sold as a single unit.
  • Total length is 90cm
  • Handle diameter at its thickest point is 42mm
  • Barrel diameter is 110mm
  • You will need a couple of tools to set it up: a 5mm Allen/ hex key and a 13mm (½ inch) socket wrench. These are not included.
  • If combining 2 types of filler, put the heaviest one towards the end of the club for the best swing.

Additional information

Weight 2.4 kg

Single club only, Pair of clubs, XXL single

1 review for Pahlavandle™ XL | Adjustable Club 2-20kg

  1. James Griffiths

    Without doubt one of my favourite bits of kit. It feels so nice to swing vs other big clubs I’ve owned. The XL quickly became one of the most popular Circuits at the Wild Training Gym.

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