Club Swinging 105 | 10 programs to feel great

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The exercises in this club swinging 105 video download are for British/ open style swinging with 2 light clubs.

It is essential that you have mastered the heart shaped swings and transitions, and are looking to learn new exercise combinations and variations. We do not advise this video for new beginners.

Some of the exercises and combinations are relatively simple and intuitive, while some are more challenging. In any case, you won’t get bored for a long while!

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10 short workouts to feel great

Our 10 advanced Indian clubs workouts will challenge your skills and fitness!

These workouts are for the advanced club swinger who wants to learn new combinations and needs inspiration for her/ his own training.

The circuits are short to make training manageable in your daily rhythm. You can repeat a circuit multiple times, or combine a few circuits together, depending on how much time or energy you have on a given day. We have included basic training advice to help you design your own training.

With our guidelines, you can decide if you simply want to feel good with a short movement break, or you want to improve your overall fitness levels with longer training sessions.

Advanced Indian clubs workouts

Each of the 10 programs is color coded for complexity. We rated the most difficult part, even if some of the other exercises are easy.

  • Green: simple (2 circuits)
  • Blue: medium (3 circuits)
  • Red: complex (3 circuits)
  • Black: interesting (2 circuits)

The exercises include all the classical swings, and some variations with footwork. Expect to work on your transitions, snakes,  balance, agility. You’ll be a great club swinger when you can do all the exercises smoothly!

Please observe

The videos only demonstrate the exercises, and are not full tutorials. It is expected you have completed all the series of our club swinging tutorials up to 104 to get the most out of these advanced Indian clubs workouts.


Total playing time: 25  minutes

ZIP Folder size: 620MB


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