Club Swinging 104 | Advanced patterns

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You have mastered the signature move of Indian clubs, that’s great! Are you ready for more? How deep do you want to go?

Club swinging 104 is the next logical progression to our other 100 video courses. Be ready for more complex fine motor control exercises that will challenge your coordination and finger dexterity.

This video course opens up a whole new dimension to your club swinging skills.

From adding complex wrist circles and introducing the claw and snake grips, to footwork and changing the plane of the swings to doing “snakes”, this video course has all the “next level” foundation exercises to help YOU really start becoming extra fancy with your Indian clubs!

The only things you need are patience and practice before you can reap the rewards…


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This video course is for the serious club swinger who mastered the essential heart shaped swings, and wants to learn more advanced club swinging exercises.

To get the most out of these videos, complete all exercises in “Club Swinging 102” first!

In club swinging 104, we cover wrist circles and their variations. This is new material we haven’t not covered in other 100-series club swinging courses. Your finger dexterity and fine motor control will be truly challenged like never before!

You might even want to attempt the crazy 88, and add layers.

You will also, for example, learn what the difference is between doing inner wrist circles with a full grip contra using the claw grip. We also included a grip specific circuit training that is popular in the rehab context of wrist injuries.

When you understand the principles behind these tutorials, you’ll have no problem intuitively adding wrist circles into your routines, adding a spectacular and new visual dimension to your swings.

We also teach you how to perform the “Snake” exercise in both direction. The trick is in the grip, and finishing the circles properly to avoid butchering this classic exercise.

By adding footwork, we can turn our static heart shaped swings into more fun, complex and advanced club swinging exercises.
We show you how to step in multiple planes of motion, squat, turn and twist while swinging 2 clubs. You will learn to go from the frontal to the sagittal plane of motion in a fluid and smooth way.
When practicing those moves, go slow (and light!) to master the precise timing involved in those exercises.


  • Guidelines and safety PDF
  • Wrist circles
  • Inner wrist circles
  • Wrist figure 8s
  • Low back circles
  • The ratchet complex, bottom up and top down variation
  • The black mamba complex
  • Heart shaped swings into an overhead squat
  • Heart shaped swings with star pattern footwork
  • Heart shaped swings with a 180 degree twist
  • Heaven 6 combination
  • Windmill to heaven 6
  • Double inner and outer snakes
  • Stronger grip circuit

Total playing time:  42 minutes

ZIP Folder size: 1.1MB


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