Ace of clubs | Advanced heavy club exercises

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Taking inspiration from the Tamil karlakattai, the exercises in this program will bring a new dimension to your club swinging!
All the exercises are done as ”hand to hand”, meaning that we switch grips each repetition. These exercises were originally developed as part of training for warriors, so if you’re into HEMA you will enjoy this club swinging approach too.

Improve strength, coordination, timing, agility, dexterity and flow with the variable program included.

This video course is intended for people who have some experience with Indian clubs/ clubbells, as we cover complex patterns and exercises involving shoulder, elbow and wrist joints, all done in multiple planes of motion.

We recommend the Pahlavandle TG for this course.

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Ace of Clubs | Advanced heavy club exercises

In the Ace of clubs advanced heavy club exercises,  we cover 14 hand to hand Indian club exercises that will show you the true richness and variety of this ancient discipline.

While the classic back circles are still present on the list of exercises, many exercises will be new to you, although they are based on traditional club exercises from Southern India.

You will be swinging in all 5 swinging planes, and wrist circles are also on the menu. If you’re into HEMA, you’re going to love this program!

We complement the club exercises with a classic bodyweight exercise that you either love or hate, the burpee.  You also get to experience its Kushti wrestling counterpart, the sapate. You can choose from 10 burpee variations, and for those of you that train with kettlebells/ dumbbells, we have that covered with 5 variations as well.

Program options

You’ll be able to structure your workouts based around timed sets or around repetitions in ways, people familiar with kettlebells, will probably recognize!

Like many of our other programs, the training templates include an element of controlled randomness to keep things interesting. This is also a sneaky way to force you to challenge your fitness levels.
However, you are not locked into a rigid program. You can still chose to train for short or longer sessions. You can also simply use the exercises in the program to complement your sport or current strength training routine.

Who is it for?

The Ace of clubs program is the next step for people who have done at the very least our 5 day introduction course. We do not recommend this program for new beginners!

Since some of the exercises involve the wrists, it is also recommended that you have access to either a light and medium weight club to learn technique in the safest way.
Both our Pahlavandle TG and Pahlavandle XL are perfect options for this program.

If you have some experience, a club about 5-8% of bodyweight is a good start place. Do not hesitate to go lighter, if needed though!

The Ace of Clubs program includes:

  • Safety & Training Guidelines
  • PDF manual with full program description
  • 14 hand to hand club exercises| video demonstrations and explanation of key points
  • 10 bodyweight exercise variations | video demonstrations
  • 5 double kettlebell exercise variations | video demonstration
  • 4 follow along video workouts
  • Warm up video
  • Cool down video

Total playing time:   3 hour 45 minutes
Downloads are split into 6 ZIP Folders (5,5GB)

2 reviews for Ace of clubs | Advanced heavy club exercises

  1. annette (verified owner)

    A lot of fun exercises that will keep you occupied 🙂 I really enjoying the different moves and the workouts included. This also gives you the material to start to be creative and make youre own flow.
    Very well explained as all the video-material that Heroic Sport makes.
    Totally worth it!

  2. Amy Wolff (verified owner)

    Well, ya won’t get bored with this one!!! While meeting you at your level, the course offers progressions and combinations to keep you on your toes and challenge you. Each new combination is introduced from its basic elements in a tutorial format. The practitioner is encouraged to continue practice as needed to make the combination(s) smoother. The follow along workouts offer a chance reveal your level of coordination and mastery. This course was a lot of fun!

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