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WE provide you with the foundation you need to become highly skilled with Indian clubs!

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Indian clubs certification Level 1

Indian clubs certification Level 2

Indian clubs certification level 2

What will you learn on our Level 1 instructor course?

You will learn the key principles of club swinging for safe and effective training. 

In Level 1, we focus on single club exercises, and how to set up a class for new beginners. 
We use elements of Karlakattai, which comes from the  club swinging tradition of Southern India. This style relies on a wide variety of swings and footwork, such as steps, pivoting moves, lunges and squats.
The footwork turns club swinging into a true full body and mind exercise, linking movement to the timing of the swings.
The Level 1 course sets all the foundations for you to progress to the more complex exercises with 2 clubs in our Level 2 course. 

Who is this Indian clubs course for?

Typically, people attending our courses have some background in the fitness industry or are physical therapists. However, many participants have no previous experience with Indian clubs. All of our certified instructors end up running classes in a short time and integrate what they learnt in some aspect of their business.
If you want to take this course for personal development, it is OK too. We avoid high tech jargon so that anyone can understand and apply the material we provide.

What will you learn on our Level 2 instructor course?

Level 2 is all about the classical exercises, transitions & footwork with 2 clubs.

We use elements of club swinging from the British tradition, looking at the classical swings and how to create flows.

But most importantly, you’ll also be in measure to break down complex exercises and  teach them to other people. 


Who is this course for?

The Heroic Sport level 2 course is open for everyone, but it has been designed for instructors who have followed the foundation level 1 certification.

You must have successfully passed the certification level 1 to be eligible to receive a level 2 certificate.