Do your shoulders ache and have limited range of motion or weak spots in certain positions?
Shoulder injuries are very common in athletes and non athletes alike.

Since we started selling the Pahlavandle in 2017, we have received many testimonials of people who completely avoided the recommended surgery, or making very fast recoveries after it.

We found that swinging Indian clubs make it possible to move your shoulders freely and without pain, in a relatively short time. In this blog we will show you how. And if you do not have clubs or Pahlavandle, you can simply use water bottles to get started with building pain free shoulders!


Improve hip internal rotation with 3 simple Indian clubs exercises you can use in your warm up.
Hip internal rotation is the twisting movement of your thigh bone in towards the mid line. It is a very important function if you play sports that involve cutting for quick changes of direction. But, it is actually essential for pain free daily activities too!