If you’re considering training with Indian clubs, you probably have been wondering if you should go for heavy clubs or light clubs.

With so many types and so many styles of club swinging, it can be hard to figure out what to start with.

We hope to break it down for you in this post and help you make an informed decision.

Let’s keep it simple!

At Heroic Sport, we differentiate between 2 styles: open style and closed style.
Open style is what most Westerners would associate Indian clubs to: light clubs swung in the British tradition.


We received this fantastic email testimonial from Christopher W. about his Indian clubs rehab story. With his permission we’re sharing it here with you.
Personally, I find his story a testament to the strength that resides in everyone. It is a subject that has always fascinated me. Why do some people accept the health verdict they’re being told, and some people just refuse to accept it?

We’ve been teaching Indian clubs to kids, and one thing is clear: working on improving kids physical literacy makes them taller. Not in the physical sense, but their self esteem and self confidence grows in leaps. Especially if they are training with their parent and pick up skills faster than the adults! The Indian clubs have been used for thousand of years to prepare warriors and wrestlers. Training with the clubs involves a fantastic blend of strength, mobility, coordination, sensory processing and body awareness.

While many of our tribe members swing mainly Indian clubs to stay fit and healthy, many more also use kettlebells. Be it Girevoy sport, kettlebell marathon or just good old fashioned strength training, kettlebells, like Indian clubs, share many similarities and advantages for people who like to train at home. Both pieces of equipment are complementary for well rounded fitness and sustainable training.