If you’re looking to learn how to swing Indian clubs, change direction, rhythm and patterns, we teach you step by step!

Indian clubs transitions are the essence of the art of club swinging. Transitions require great coordination and timing to get right, and provide a fantastic spectacle and sense of achievement at the same time.

We have 2 video downloads purely dedicated to the breakdown of double heart shaped swings, the signature move of Indian clubs, and transitions. We teach you how to change direction, shape or pattern, and go from in sync to out of sync swings.


At the beginning of July 2019, we had  a guest coming to our Heroic Sport headquarters. The whole thing took a left and turned out into a wild and creative weekend of brainstorming, leaving us full of excitement and open to new possibilities we never considered.


Discover our best Pahlavandle tips! Many people do not realize the amount of variability our Pahlavandle™ offers.

When you get your Pahlavandle™, the little card in the bag mentions the most basic things to know, but it’s impossible to list everything!

This post was written  to introduce you to new possibilities, and get the best club swinging experience you can get.


Did you know that grip strength is associated with health, longevity and even cognitive functions?

In any case, hand strength is essential if you want to remain independent in your older days.

You can roughly break down grip strength into several specific and different types of grip: