Training to music with Indian clubs is fun, challenging and offers many benefits. The repetitive patterns of club swinging can be like a tonic to the central nervous system, and help the practitioner develop better coordination, rhythm and timing. One way to make this even better, or help you as you learn how to swing clubs, is to use music.


Some people go through horrible injuries and never go back to their full self, while others do.

This topic is deeply fascinating for me, I decided to do a follow up interview with Chris after the publication of his testimonial a couple of months ago.

I think you will find it hugely inspiring and motivating.


If you’re considering training with Indian clubs, you probably have been wondering if you should go for heavy clubs or light clubs.

With so many types and so many styles of club swinging, it can be hard to figure out what to start with.

We hope to break it down for you in this post and help you make an informed decision.

Let’s keep it simple!

At Heroic Sport, we differentiate between 2 styles: open style and closed style.
Open style is what most Westerners would associate Indian clubs to: light clubs swung in the British tradition.