Club Swinging for Racket Sports

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Racket and ball sports place huge demands on the shoulder girdle, and injuries can put you on the sideline for weeks.
The exercises in this video pack are designed to improve strength, mobility and stability of the shoulders and thoracic spine.

We have selected the best and simplest exercises to implement in your sport specific practice! They will help you develop better coordination and agility with movements in multiple planes of motion.

Club swinging for racket & Ball Sports is easy to follow along, and was designed for people  with or without prior knowledge of Indian clubs. You will learn what is absolutely relevant for you, with short follow along circuits and exciting combination swings, and no extra filler.

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In this video pack, you get a crash course in club swinging, tutorials for the relevant exercises, and  3 short program ideas you can use for warming up or assistance training in your regular schedule. And since your sport probably requires you to hold on to a racket, we also included a program to improve grip strength, so all bases are covered!

Tennis, badminton, squash all require more than just strength and aerobic fitness! Develop better coordination, grip strength, mobility and flexibility, mental focus and the ability to be strong in all sorts of positions!

You can start adding club swinging exercises to your training right now!


  • Training Guidelines and Safety.PDF
  • Introduction
  • Club swinging 101 express
  • Pendulum  and swipe
  • Alternating pendulum series
  • Parallel pendulum and circle in front of the body
  • Figure 8 series
  • Horizontal swing
  • Alternating lunge with a chop
  • Wrist circles
  • Side swipe to behind the back
  • Single inner heart shaped swing and variation by the side of the body
  • Single and double outer heart shaped swing
  • Basic warm up flow
  • Shoulder supreme complex
  • Full body circuit training and PDF
  • Stronger grip circuit and PDF

Total playing time:  67 minutes

ZIP Folder size: 1.8GB

1 review for Club Swinging for Racket Sports

  1. Trey Palmer (verified owner)

    I bought this purely because my wife was looking over my shoulder. And I’m really glad that she was and that I bought it.
    You see, my wife likes to play tennis and has had difficulty finding a conditioning program for tennis that doesn’t involve the courts. And then she saw this.
    Since I’m the one in the family that plays with Indian clubs, I had to evaluate it and pass it along to her.
    Overall – I really like it – it’s an amazing value for the money. It has an accelerated club basics video, 2-5 minute video instructions of 13 different exercises, 1 video on flow/transitions, 2 compound exercise and 2 circuits.
    I really like how Thierry breaks down the exercises and transitions and makes things clearer than many of the other videos I’ve found (and some of them I paid for).
    I’ve done the full body conditioning circuit and really find I like it – I’ve made it a regular part of my routine.
    My wife thinks it’s pretty good, though learning the clubs is new for her, and that the full body circuit is demanding.
    I highly recommend this video for anyone starting with clubs or is looking for a new way to condition for racket sports.
    Stop reading this and go buy it folks.

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