5 days to healthier shoulders | Single club

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It only takes 15 minutes a day for healthier shoulders and spine.

If you work at a desk, you’re going to love this course!
This is the clearest instruction about how to get started with Indian clubs,  guaranteed to leave you feeling great.

You will learn a simple, structured  and proved approach to learn progressively more complex exercises with a single club. We start with simple pendulums in all planes of motion, building up to the signature move of Indian clubs, the full swing or mill.

Thierry  shows you the progressions he has developed since 2010 to make YOU confident to swing clubs and get a great workout on day 5!

We recommend the Pahlavandle original or TG for this course.

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The perfect course for starting with Indian clubs with a step by step approach

Welcome to a very accessible 5 day Indian clubs intro course, regardless of your level of activity or skills!

You will learn more than exercises for healthier shoulders. Swinging Indian clubs goes back to ancient civilizations, and has survived the test of time. It is like no other strength and fitness method you have tried before.

Use a Pahlavandle, mudgar,clubbell or whatever you have access to, and get ready to experience what Indian clubs have to offer!

The club swinging techniques are based on karlakattai and mudgar exercises from the Indian subcontinent. The exercises are specifically designed so that a healthy adult women or man can follow the program. We even have had kids do this course with their parents!

Only practice the lessons one day at a time, as presented in the videos. Learning and practicing in small increments is most optimal for you to avoid information overload.

What you will learn during this 5 day Indian clubs intro course

  • General safety guidelines
  • Key points and principles of club swinging
  • Single hand and double handed exercises, 20 progressive exercises in total
  • 1 simple training protocol with a single Indian club and own bodyweight
  • 5 x15-20 minutes training videos
  • 36 minutes of Q&A theory about club swinging

As you can see in the reviews, people are enthusiastic about how simple and effective we present the material!

What you will need

  • A single club between 1,5 and 3kg (If you have a set of Pahlavandle, a 1,5 liter bottle filled with sand weighs just under 3kg)
  • 15 minutes a day for a 5 day period.
  • A small space for training, free of clutter


Total playing time:  120 minutes

Downloads are split into 3 ZIP Folders ( 900MB + 1GB + 900MB)


1 review for 5 days to healthier shoulders | Single club

  1. annette (verified owner)

    Such an accessibele way of starting to learn to swing Indian Clubs.
    I love how its really well explained and takes you step by step to bit more complex stuff on the 5th day!
    And its amazing how stress reliever this is for the shoulders and neck. So simple but yet so effective.

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