So you’re willing to try Indian clubs but you are not sure what type and weight is best suited for you. This guide is for you!

Indian clubs, steel clubs, clubbells, Persian meel, Indian Jori and Tamil Karlakattai. All these Most of these clubs have a set length and weight. There are many types of clubs out there, and nobody likes to fork some money out to find out they bought something not relevant to their needs… Clubs can be too short, too long or too heavy. Read on and become wise about choosing what you need.


Until I started to learn to swing Indian clubs, I only slept in 20 minute intervals, woken up by pain. Talk about being miserable…

The joys of improved mobility include everything from less pain, better coordination, more flexibility, and even the calm that follows complex movement patterns.
These are some of the things you will experience when learning to swing Indian clubs, as I did.

How I got into club swinging

Ron Bader - Learn to swing Indian clubs My name is Ron Bader, CEO for Heroic Sport. I discovered Indian clubs a few years after I had a near death experience falling from a scaffolding in 2009.  In a flash, I went from being active and fit, to partially disabled before turning 50.

There are many different versions of the History of Indian clubs. We are not scholars, but we have gathered facts from different sources for this broad but short article. Club swinging is one of the disciplines of varzesh-e pahlavāni (“Sport of heroes”), an ancient Persian physical training system to improve strength, mobility, coordination and not least, to increase mindfulness. Warriors needed to improve multiple physical abilities while developing their spirituality at the same time.

How can you improve your recovery with Indian clubs? It doesn’t need to be complicated. Club swinging is a fantastic combination of body and mind therapy.
Active recovery has been found to help improve performance in athletes more so than passive recovery. In plain language, it means that snoozing is great, but light physical activity can even be better.