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If you’re new to resistance training or have not trained in a while, we have put a simple 4 week training plan to get you in shape, and complement your Indian club swinging.

From experience, a lot of people who enjoy swinging Indian clubs typically start and stay with very light clubs, and often neglect any type of resistance training. As a result, a few repetitions of bodyweight exercises like push ups and squats can be a struggle.


There are many ways how to combine kettlebells and Indian clubs to create great workouts! In this blog post we’re going to discuss complexes which are used in our Rising Tsar program. It’s fun and effective!

Be it Girevoy sport, kettlebell marathon or just good old fashioned strength training, kettlebells, like Indian clubs, share many similarities and advantages for people who like to train at home.
Both pieces of equipment are complementary for well rounded fitness and sustainable training.


Do you know the barbell zercher squat or how to squat without rack? If you’re into strength, health and longevity, at one point or another, you might want to consider adding heavysquats to your club swinging routine.

Research shows that using the legs, particularly in weight-bearing exercise, sends signals to the brain that are vital for the production of healthy neural cells.